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Top 10 Bizarre Myths About Vampires


There is just no end to the myths about vampires that are rampant these days. Of course you must give due regard to the loads of vampire fiction for circulating this myths. Vampires have always been creatures that interest the human kind. Although there almost zilch scientific evidence that these creatures exist in real, the myths about vampires make them come alive.

There is a complete web of myths woven around vampires and their unique lifestyle. Of course, the common facts include their strange diet, blood. But we also have detailed thoughts on whether vampires are immortal or they can fly etc. Added to the old myths, the popularity of vampire fiction has added some new ones. For example, all the male vampires seem to be devilishly handsome these days.

Here are some of the commonest myths about vampires and their origins too.

They Can't Stand Sunlight

It is myth that vampires burst into flames when the come out in the sunlight. That is why the handsome Salvatore brothers have special rings for 'sun protection'.

They Are Immortal

Vampires are creatures that do not have souls. Yet it is a wonder that their bodies are preserved in perfect condition for eternity.

Bats Are Vampires

Vampires apparently can turn into bats and fly away. This is probably something to do with the nocturnal nature of bats and their preference for dark and damp places.

They Can Infect You By Biting

If a vampire bites you in the right way, you can turn into one. Since vampires cannot reproduce, this is the way they keep up their numbers.

Garlic Repels Vampires

Vampires do not like the smell of raw garlic. Well, who does anyway!

They Sleep In Coffins

Vampires sleep in coffins because they sleep during the day. It is hard to find a more peaceful and darker place than a coffin during the day. Besides, the vampires are the living dead and therefore coffins are ideal place for vampires to sleep.

They Can Be Vegetarians

Some vampires are 'vegetarian', as in they drink blood only from animals. Actually, they should be ideally canned humanitarians.

Vampires Are Not Seen In Mirrors

Vampires cannot see there own reflections in the mirror. Vampires have no soul and thus, they cannot be seen in mirrors.

Vampires Are Scared Of Crosses

Obviously, vampires are scared of crosses because they are evil. But the fact that they can be killed with crosses is a bit of an exaggeration.

These are the most ridiculous myths about vampires. Do do have any more to add?

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Story first published: Thursday, June 27, 2013, 9:01 [IST]
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