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Book Review: Te Amo... I Love You


If you think that love at first sight is not possible, then think again. The power of love is strong enough to change the life of a person.

Te Amo... I Love You is a fictional book written by debutante author, Rohit Sharma. Love lasts forever and this book has given perfect examples of love at first sight and the strength of love. That is why, (Aryan) a man who hates the concept of love falls for a beautiful Spanish lady, Isabella.

The book is a romantic story of two people who fall in love after the first time they see each other. After some dates, the couple decided to tie the knot. Complications start from there itself. Isabella, daughter of one of the richest men in Spain was engaged to Ethan. Ethan is a strong and rich man who tries to control Isabella with his dominance, power and strength. The story deals with how Aryan who is surrounded by money-making machines tries to get back his lover, Isabella.

Book review:

Te Amo... I Love You basically deals with love, sacrifices of the couple and the attempts they make to get back together. If you flip through the pages, you can get to feel the love, passion, struggle and sacrifices that Aryan and Isabella make for their love.

Rohit Sharma, the author of the book says, "True love is all about sacrifices, efforts, and a hope to always stay together."

The selfless sacrifices that Isabella makes for saving her man, Aryan are really touching. Even the death-defying attempts that Aryan makes to get back his lady love, Isabella from the clutches of the dreadful Ethan is interesting.

The language is simple and directly relates to the character. The vocabulary and the story itself is very simple and easily relates to any lay man. If you love to watch romantic Hindi movies, then Te Amo... I Love You by Rohit Sharma is a must read. It has all the romance, passion, drama and a strong villain who will keep you hooked to the book. Apart from love, even strong friendships has been shown in the book, Te Amo... I Love You.

There are very few characters so it is not confusing to keep a track of them while reading the book.

To conclude, I can say, Te Amo... I Love You is a worth read. If you are die hard romantic book lover and also watch those filmy dhishum-dhishum Hindi movies, you can read the book.

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