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Popular Ghost Stories In Mumbai

By Tara Hari

Mumbai is a city rich with stories of mysterious haunting, localsuperstition and old folklore. The local folklore of Mumbai is enoughto daunt anyone wishing to live in the city. There are numerous stories of scary women in white saris, mass suicides, haunted mansions and mysterious deaths.

But a characteristic of every single person living in Mumbai is having the credulity to believe these stories, but having the grit and will-power to overcome their fears and continue to live in and love the city. There are places in Mumbai nobody will venture out alone to like the Tower of Silence or Mukesh Mills.

A number of skyscrapers in Mumbai take care to exclude the 13th floor while numbering their floors. Let us look at some of the most popularand intriguing ghost stories in Mumbai.

Suicide Tower

The Grand Paradi Tower is believed to be haunted by malignant spirits who compel their inhabitants to jump off the 8th floor in Kemps Corner. Finding it hard to believe? An elderly couple committed suicide in 2004 by jumping out of their window. Within one year, their children and grandchildren also followed them to plummet to their deaths. Almost 20 accidents and suicides have taken place in the building, most of which involves little children and their maids jumping or falling out the window.

Murderous Landlord

Near the Mahim railway station is the scary Nasserwanj Wadi. Accordingto local superstition, if you venture inside, you are sure to get possessed. In a cabin inside the compound, the parsi landowner Nasser was brutally burned to death. After his gruesome murder, his spirit has been known to wander around the ground, protecting it from trespassers. Within a year of the landlord's murder, almost seven deaths took place within the compound. No wonder the locals do not venture near the place.

Angry Architect

This is an extremely popular Mumbai legend. The popular Taj Hotel in Mumbai is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of its architect, W. A.Chambers. The Frenchman, after making the blurprints for the hotel, went on a trip to his native place. On his return he found the direction of the hotel frontage had been reversed. Appalled by this correction in his blueprints, the depressed architect committed suicide. Although his ghost has been rumoured to haunt the old wing, he is harmless and friendly.

Burning Girl

In 1989, a 20-year-old girl called Salma doused herself in kerosene and set herself on fire for no apparent reason, near the Juhu aerodrome. Her spirit manifested itself so prominently that a devout Catholic built a Hanuman temple, to protect the residents of that area. The girl can be seen on special nights, sprinting into the woods with her clothes and hair still ablaze.

These popular ghost stories in Mumbai are definitely gruesome and mysterious. But these superstitious folklore add to the charm of this magnificent city, making it more alluring.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 23:43 [IST]
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