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National Pastry Day Special: Facts

Today (December 9th) is celebrated as the National Pastry Day. It is one of those days which is celebrated across the world with almost everyone indulging in their favourite pastries and lovely dessert toppings. Most of those people who tend to divert their attention from those lovely pastries are those who are conscious of their weight. But, let us assure you that indulging in that yummy pastry once in a while is worth it. And your body needs that little pleasure of rich cream and soft cake especially to celebrate this lovely day.

In accordance to National Pastry Day origin, it is said that these delicious pastries were originally made by the Egyptians. These delicious pastries have been prepared since 2600 B.C where the Egyptians made doughnut like pastries out of the two main ingredients out of flour and honey, and then it is dipped in red wine. These lovely pastries are spread to all parts of the Europe and chefs from around the world prepare their own recipes and experimented with new techniques to treat ones taste buds.

The pastry is a name which is given to various kinds of baked products which is made from ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, butter, baking powder, and eggs.These pastries are small cakes which are made from a stiff dough that is enriched with healthy fat. Pastries contain a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.

Celebrate National Pastry Day by also knowing about these fun facts.

  • It is said that the word pastry comes from a middle English word which means paste.
  • All around the world the popular fillings of pastries which is utterly enjoyed are egg and bacon, apples, figs, jam, egg, currants etc. However, in most parts of India, people always turn to the sweeter side.
  • It is also believed that housewives in the Middle East sometimes marked their husband's initials on the left-hand side of their pastry casing. It was considered to be a sign of love.

These are three facts about your favourite pastries. If you want to make this National Pastry Day all the more special, here is one pastry recipe you need to try out. Take a look.

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