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7 Definitely Haunted Places In Mumbai


Mumbai is the city of dreams. These dreams include the ones that come true and also those dreams which are broken. The people whose dreams come true live like kings in Mumbai. People whose dreams are broken become ghosts to haunt the city. Jokes apart, Mumbai has many haunted places just like any other city of its size. And there are few popular ghost stories in Mumbai.

Mumbai has many structures that are reminiscent of colonial British India and some of these old buildings are haunted. People say that there is very little greenery in Mumbai, but the city has an entire reserve forest inside it. That is why the forests and open spaces are the most haunted places in Mumbai.

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Lest us not go for half measure and attack the entire truth. These are 7 places in Mumbai that are definitely haunted.

1. Kemp's Corner Flat: Grand Paradi Towers stand bang in the middle of the city at Kemp's Corner. It is one of the poshest locations in the city and yet the flat on the second floor has remained unsold for years. This is because this building has registered 20 precarious cases of suicide since it was built in 1979.

2. Aarey Milk Colony: This colony set up for the Aarey Dairy employees, is probably the last stretch of green and open lands left in Mumbai. You can easily enjoy a picnic in the gardens here during the daytime. But don't loiter around at night because Aarey Milk colony is famous for apparitions and ghostly sounds.

3. Mukesh Mills: The cotton mills of Mumbai were closed in the 80s and is now abuzz with ghost stories. The Mukesh mills that are situated in Colaba is the place where many films were shot. But in one unfortunate shooting, the actress herself was possessed by a spirit and started speaking in a masculine voice!

4. Sanjay Gandhi National Park: The leopards and tigers of the Sanjay Gandhi National park often feast on the people staying in forest encroached land. So if you escape these hungry and homeless beasts, you might actually meet some restless souls who couldn't bear to live or die peacefully in Mumbai.

5. Asiatic Library: Just a look at this gigantic library tells you that this building is haunted. This ancient library in Colaba is so huge that you can easily get lost in its alleys for days! Not a very welcome thought as this building is supposed to house ghosts of some eminent Britishers.

6. Taj Mahal Hotels: This is one of the landmarks of Mumbai and yet strange things have been reported to happen within this luxury hotel. The Taj hotel is haunted by its creator or architect W. A. Chambers. Lets hope the deadly terrorist attack of 26/11 have not driven the French ghost out of his safe haven.

7. The Towers Of Silence: As per their religion, the Zoroastrians or Parsis are expected to leave their dead in the Towers of Silence for beasts to feed upon. In Mumbai, the towers are right in the middle of town but no one dares to go up because of the numerous ghost stories surrounding this eerie place.

These are 7 places in Mumbai that are definitely haunted. Do you know of any other haunted locations in the city that never sleeps.

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