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Facebook Facts You Ought To Know!


There are approximately 400 million users on the famous social networking site, Facebook. Started in the year 2004, Facebook has grown over night capitulating every second of the day with fresh members from around the world. However, though this is one of the best social networking sites, there are other social media sites which are in competition to Facebook. And the one being is Twitter.

The social networking site, Facebook is truly fascinating since it is one of the easiest options to make friends online and keep in touch. You might be a Facebook member already but we are sure that you might not be aware of some of the Facebook facts we are going to share with you.

Take a look at some of these Facebook facts. You will be stunned to know that facts about your favourite social networking site.

Fact # 1

Did you know why the colour of Facebook is blue? It is because the founder, Mark Zuckerberg is suffering of colour blindness.

Fact #2

Today there are a number of people who have been dumped on this social networking site, Facebook. Around 12 percent of people are said to be dumped in every half an hour.

Fact #3

It is the largest language-friendly social networking site. Facebook is available in 70 different languages from around the world. This is one fact about Facebook we are sure you were not aware of.

Fact #4

With the on growing population of Facebook members. Psychologists have said that there is a new disorder for those who are addicted to Facebook. The disorder is known as 'Facebook Addiction Disorder'.

Fact #5

Before the term 'like button' came into action; Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg was keen on calling it the 'awesome button'. But it did not happen!

Fact #6

One of the most amazing Facebook facts that breaks all records is this social networking sites makes more money than the search engine, Google. Truly fascinating right?

These are some of the Facebook facts which you may not have come across being a Facebook member.

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