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Creepiest Vampires Around The World


Being the festival of Halloween, one of the most famous Halloween costumes you would find everyone wearing is the vampire outfits. The awesome set of sharp teeth and the bloody look goes well for the Halloween theme every year. This year for Halloween, Boldsky is going to give you some of the best vampires you can dress up to be.

We have enlisted a few of the world's most dangerous vampires of all time. Take a look at some of these vampires who have walked on Earth. These vampires have been taken from the traditions of different countries which even by the standards of our ancestors, manage to stand out as some of the creepiest creatures mythologies.

Here are some of the most creepy vampires from around the world. They will make you shiver and crawl under your skin.


One of the most dreadful and creepiest vampires from around the world is Callicantzaro. He is one such blood sucking demon who spends most of the year in the netherworld and only comes out 12 nights between Christmas and the Epiphany. The most frightening thing about the Callicantzaro vampire is that he will not only suck every drop of blood from your body, but will also gnaw into your soul. There is a also a weird saying which goes that if a child is born in these 12 days he/ she will turn out to be a Callicantzaro in that region. Callicantzaro originated in Greece.


She is one of the most creepiest vampires who walked the earth. The Penanggalan is a creature who looks like a woman by day. At night, she detaches her head from the rest of its body and flies around the skies searching for victims to drink their blood. The creepiest thing about this vampire is her appearance at night. The only thing which you can see of her is her head detached from her body with her spinal column and all of its internal organs dangling from the neck. If you can try to be her this Halloween, you can win the best Halloween costume. She originated in Malaysia.

The Brahmaparusha

Like all the best Indian serial killers we find roaming around town, The Brahmaparusha is one of the best. This creepy vampire enjoys taking trophies of its victims it kills. The trophy of The Brahmaparusha is none other than the victims intestines and their brain. When he kills his victim, he wraps the intestines of the victim around its head like a turban for the whole world to see. After he does this, The Brahmaparusha removes the victims brain which is its favourite delicacy and has it as a feast. When he completely drains his victims, he wraps his entire body in its victims and perform a ritual dance around their butchered corpses. Interesting right?

These three are the most creepiest vampires from around the world. They have also been noted to walk the earth at some point of time.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 31, 2013, 9:10 [IST]
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