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Bermuda Triangle Survivor!

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The legend of the Bermuda Triangle started some time around 1945, when a squadron of five Navy Avenger airplanes disappeared on a training flight out of Fort Lauderdale. Soon, masses were in wonder if there was something strange at the triangle-shaped stretch of oceans between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico?

Today, we have all heard of the triangle shaped stretch called the Bermuda Triangle and over the years, we have heard ample enough of stories and theories which are based on this very triangle . All though you will not find this place on the map, it is however true that the Bermuda triangle is a very real place.

Bermuda Triangle Survivor!

There have been a number of stories in the past about the ghost triangle and stories on disappearing ships, planes and people too. Although there is a reasonable explanation for many such incidents people say there is a mystery to it.
The location of the Bermuda Triangle is off the coast of Florida between Miami, Puerto Rico and the Bermudas. It covers about 500 000 square miles of the gigantic Atlantic Ocean. It is widely known as the Devil's Triangle because Bermuda was once called Islands of the Devils because of its mysteries and ghost trails. The coasts around the island are surrounded by dangerous reefs in which ships ran into throughout the centuries.  Survivors of extraordinary and unexplainable events in the Triangle is impressive. Centuries ago, airliner pilots have encountered unexplained and severe jolts out of nowhere leaving them to dash against deep ends. Clouds too have come out of nowhere and caused compasses to spin and engine to drop off. All electronic equipment has ceased for no known reason: cell phones, radios, navigational equipment all seem to give up at this particular triangle.

Bruce Gernon
He is one lucky man who has survived the experiences from the Bermuda Triangle. He has experienced the time wrap theory of the Bermuda Triangle and has lived to tell his story on survival. He is the only lucky person in the world to witness what mystery is behind the Bermuda Triangle and what the Triangle creates to make things disappear. Many others have also seen parts of this phenomenon of mystery and disappearance and some have seen it completely, just like Bruce. It is only after 31 years of his complete research on the triangle did Bruce Gernon discover how he had flown those 100 miles in such a short time and never seen the Earth or sky around him. It is said that Bruce was captured by the electronic fog where in which there have been dozens of planes and boats too which went missing in this fog throughout history. He believes that a rare natural phenomenon may be behind this paranormal happenings in the Triangle. Experts say that the Electronic Fog also explores the Bermuda Triangle's connection to UFO's, a secret navy base.

The Bermuda triangle has claimed over a thousand people during the twentieths century itself. But, has left Bruce alive, so that he can tell you and I the real mysteries behind the Devils Triangle!

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