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13 Things To Do On Friday The '13'

By Staff
13 things to do on friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th.

There are many people who believe that this is one of the worst days to do anything good. However, you can change this day around by making it one of a kind by doing the things that will bring you luck.

In some cultures around the world, people consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day to begin a voyage, and in other countries it is said that this day is lucky for sowing the seeds of a new plant.

This is surely going to be a very trying year for people who have the fear of the number 13 which is also known as 'Triskaidekaphobia'.

Those who suffer from this fear tend to lock themselves indoors on days like today. The number 13 is considered unlucky and so is the day. Nevertheless, we at Boldsky have a list of things you can do on Friday the 13th.

It is going to be a fun and positive day. You will see.

13 things to do on friday the 13th

1. Watch a Horror Flick

One of the best things you can do on Friday the 13th is to go out on a movie date. There are a lot of horror movies which is dedicated to Friday the 13, so pick your best flick and enjoy!

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2. Buy Something New

It is said that when you buy something new on a day like today, it always brings you luck. So who knows, may be this day is lucky for you!

3. Make a New Friend

One of the many things you can do on Friday the 13 is to make a new friend. Try your hand at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

4. Plan a Party!

We are aware that Fridays is party time. But, if you plan a theme party celebrating this unlucky day, you will have tons of fun.

5. Get Cooking

Get into the kitchen and make a dish which is unique, something you have not tried your hand with before.

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6. Scare a Superstitious Person

This is going to be fun. Do something superstitious today.

This can be a fun trick to play with someone who firmly believes in superstitions. You can walk under a ladder or pet a black cat.

7. Read a Book

There are many books which have been dedicated to Friday the 13th. Books like Friday The 13th by Simon Hawke will be your best pick for the day.

8. Buy a Lottery Ticket

Test your luck in buying 13 lottery tickets and see if you win or loose. This is one of the things you can do on Friday the 13th.

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9. Pick the Tallest Building

You will find a lot of tall buildings around. Get to the tallest and spend some time of the 13th floor.

10. Get Inked

One of the best things to do on Friday the 13th is to get inked. Get a spooky tattoo done. It can either be temporary or permanent, the choice is yours.

11. Restaurant Tips

If you happen to visit a restaurant today. Make it a point to leave behind 13 coins as tip. Some waiters might get offended, but you can do it just for fun.

12. Face your Fear

If you have any sort of fear or phobia, face it today with a smile. This is the best thing to do on Friday the 13th.

13. Do 13 extraordinary things

The last thing you can do on Friday the 13th is to do 13 small extra ordinary things which you will remember life long.

These are 13 things you can do on Friday the 13th. Hope your day is filled with luck and positivity!

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