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Who Will Cry When You Die- Book Reviw


When a friend of mine told me that ‘Who will cry when you die?' is a must read book - I laughed at him and told him that I wasn't ready for such a book yet. Nevertheless, my friend persuaded me to open any page of the book, read a story and close it. Well, I did pick up the 'Who will cry when you die', but it's not easy to put the book down. That's Robin Sharma for you with yet another book after 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' that is simple, insightful and thoughtful.

The book has over a hundred anecdotes from Robin Sharma's own life which makes the stories less preachy and more practical. The beauty of the book is that you start at any chapter and every chapter is just two - three pages. 'Who will cry when you die' is like an old friend - you start wherever you left off. That's what I have been doing - the book is by my bedside. I just read one or two stories every time I pick up the book and leave it back there.

There are many stories that I liked - starting from the first one - ‘Discover your calling' where he clearly states that we all have talents, and we are all here for a purpose, so we have to find what makes us happy, discover our full potential and make a difference to our lives as well as add value to the people around us. Please note, it's not about quitting your job, but working towards excellence in whatever your are pursuing. Another story is about ‘Speaking kind words' in which the author mentions that our sages always asked themselves three questions before uttering a word - Is it the truth? Is it necessary? Are these words kind? Words should be spoken only if they answer the above questions affirmatively.

There are many other chapters that make for interesting read - ‘Find three great friends', ‘Get up early', ‘Learn from good movie', ‘Use your commute time', ‘Stop condemning',

Going back to the title of the book - it's not about counting the number of people who will grieve when you are not there, but about the way you lived. To end the book review in a nutshell, that what 'Who will cry when you die' is all about.

If you have not read the book yet, buy it online.

About Neetu:

Trainer, Traveller, Twenty-twenty, twins - that's what defines Neetu Sadhwani. She has over 10 years experience in Human Resources and Training. Likes to let her creative juices flowing through writing, cooking and painting. Currently enjoying on the best of both worlds by working from home and spending time with the twins.

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