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A Word With Author Varun Agarwal


The bright and talented author of 'How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded A Million Dollar Company' has seen it all. He started his career as an engineer then came to film making and is finally established as a well known author. We recently interviewed Varun Agarwal and found him to be an inspiration for the aspiring youth. Here is what we came to know about the 25-year-old author.

Tell us something about your book


The book is about how we started a company Alma Mater (India's largest provider of merchandise and memorabilia to schools and colleges) and my entrepreneur journey. It has all the ups and downs that I faced in life. It also tells little about my personal life; making it an autobiography.

What inspired you to write this book?

From the beginning, I have been a storyteller and loved to share stories. So, I started writing blogs on how we started the company. The blog gained popularity within no time and my stories were very much appreciated by readers. At this time someone suggested me to write a book based on my life. I never wrote a book before this, so thought it would be an interesting and life changing experience.

How did you come up with the title?

'Anu aunty' is my aunt who always poked her nose in all matters related to my life. Anu aunty also represents the obstacles that the society puts when you are trying to do something different in a country like ours. The obstacles can be in the form of parents, society, teachers etc. So, Anu aunty represents all the negative sources that prevents our generation from doing what they want to in life.


If you had to choose, which writer would you consider as your mentor?

Well, there are many. I really appreciate the work and message that different writers have portrayed. Many of them have changed the world through their work.

What are your current projects?

Right now we have consolidated all the three companies (Alma Mater, Reticular And Last Minute Films) to make sure that they do well. I am working on the sequel to How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded A Million Dollar Company. The book stops at the very meaning of who he was and the valuation of the company. The sequel will talk about what happens next in his life. How did the company grow? How did we raise the money and so on.

Any message for the readers?

Yes. Basically, in India we are taught to be very careful and minimise the risks when it is related to our life and career. We are asked to think within the box and anyone hardly welcomes positive changes in life. I would like my readers to take a risk in life and do what they have desired for. Take the risk and then see what happens. For me, I never thought before doing anything and just went forward with what I wanted. Do what your heart says and you will gain success for sure.

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