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World Maths Day 2019: If You Find Maths Difficult, There May Be Fault In Your Stars

What makes mathematical problems always a big trouble for you? Why is maths always a difficult subject, especially for you? One of the reasons for maths not being your favourite subject can be your lack of interest in this subject. However, astrology can help you to know the reasons for maths being difficult better. By analysing a person’s horoscope, based on planetary positions and houses, an expert astrologer can tell that what makes Maths a difficult subject for them. Every year, the World Maths Day is celebrated on 15 October.

How Maths & Astrology are connected?

Planetary positions can reveal almost everything about your life in astrology. So finding maths difficult is not such a big deal. The presence of strong Mercury in a horoscope indicates good mathematical abilities so that makes maths your favourite subject. And if Mercury is placed in the 10th house, the person will have more chances of mathematical career.

The presence of weak Mercury can deviate a person from a mathematical career and if planets regarding other subjects are strong, the native may opt for other subjects despite a strong fondness for mathematics. So your favourite subject bight be maths but you will find maths difficult enough to not make it your career. Have you analyzed your planetary placements?

The Sun is also of prominence in the assessment of mathematical careers and the effect varies based on His association with other planets and position in the horoscope. For instance, strong support from Mercury and Mars for the Sun favours higher education in your favourite subject mathematics. The individual will be more interested and will also perform well in maths. Similarly, if the 2nd house has Mars along with benefic planets with aspects from Mercury, the native will have an interest in mathematics.

The presence of Jupiter in Trikona (triangle), an exalted Venus and the presence of Mercury signifies a good mathematical aptitude. Moon should also be well placed as He is the controller of mind and provides the native with exceptional reasoning and analytical skills which defeats all difficulty in maths. Ketu (Pluto) is regarded as another indicator for mathematics, statistics, computers and high accuracy.

Last, but not the least, planet Mars also plays a significant role in mathematical knowledge. The complexity of many mathematical problems requires the person to be mentally alert and Mars makes the person good at logistics, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.

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