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How To Celebrate Pi Day?

Pi day is celebrated on 14th March every year. This mathematical ratio is an honour to the famous ratio's first few digits, 3.14. Pi is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. For kids and mathematic geeks, Pi day is a celebration! Check out few simple ways to celebrate Pi day.


4 ways to celebrate Pi day:

Watch the movie Pi: Pi, the 1998 American psychological thriller film of a mathematician, is a nice movie to watch and celebrate Pi day with your friends.

Make Pi dishes: A celebration is incomplete without delicacies. Prepare sweet dishes and shape them with a pi sign. You can also garnish with a pi shaped layer to celebrate Pi day! What can be better than baking pi cookies?

Take maths test: This is one of the most preferred pi day games. You can take online maths test to improve your skills and knowledge. To increase your mathematical skills, take 3 minutes to solve a sum. Pi is 3.14 so, link it to your games by adding to the test timings.

Circle theme: As it is pi day, you can celebrate the day with a round circular theme. Make circular designed dishes or play catch-catch with a ball! You can stand in a circle with your friends and play the fun-filled game. Whenever a member loses the catch, punish them by making them take 3-4 speedy circular rounds across the ground!


Try these ways to celebrate Pi Day! Make the occasion a fun-filled event by adding games and delicious foods.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2012, 13:45 [IST]
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