Signs You Need A Break From Work

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Almost all fields of work have become exceedingly competitive these days. That is why successful people are inevitably workaholics. They spend too much time working and keep pushing themselves very hard. However, no matter how intense a workaholic you are, you need to take a break from work at some time. If you deny yourself some free time for refreshment, then you will have a mental burn out.

There are two types of break from work. The first one is a short break like a family vacation or a weekend trip to someplace. The second kind of break is a career break. This is a time when you remain in between jobs for 2 to 3 months.

Break From Work

Not everyone can afford to take a career break easily, but a vacation with your family is reasonable for any workaholic. If you are having a burn out due to overwork, your surrounding and your own body gives you signals. Here are some signs that show that you need to take a break from work.

You make silly mistakes: If you are a seasoned professional who is good at his/her work, then silly mistakes are not common for you. If you have started noticing uncharacteristic mistakes in your work lately, then may be your mind is overworked.

You can't sleep at night: When you are always stressed and at the edge of your nerves, then you are bound to lose sleep. This indicates that you need to go away someplace and relax. Your work is taking a toll on your body.

You scold your subordinates often: Unless you are a nightmare boss, this would not be a very normal practice for you. This means that you are becoming irritable due to the undue pressure of work. You need to check on this habit of yours before your teammates label you a 'bad boss'.

You have no idea what movies have released lately: This means that you have not watched a movie in ages and you are totally disconnected with the world of entertainment. Recreation is essential in everyone's life.

You don't remember what you eat: Food is something that should be relished. But you are so busy in your work that you don't even notice what you eat. It is a sign that say you need a break from work!

These are some of the signs that tell to take a break from work now. Have you noticed any of these signs lately?

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 18:54 [IST]
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