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Top 10 Things I Hate About School

A great man once said, 'I was born brilliant but education ruined me.' When it comes to the modern education system, we cannot help but agree. Although we admit that school days are the best days only after we pass out. But, when we are in school, we just hate those days!

Here are the ten things that most of us hated about school.

10 Things I Hate About School:

1. Waking up early. Remember how ruthlessly mom used to pull your small body out of the bed? They say that mothers love to see their kids sleep but not when there is a school bus honking outside!

2. School Uniform. Whoever discovered the concept of wearing a school uniform was the most unimaginative person in the world. It is irritating enough to see hundreds of kids run around like clones in identical clothes. At least they could have made the uniform smart!

3. The first bench. God knows why there has to be a first bench in school and if you were a last bencher, then it would always be you who would be picked to sit in front. The first bench still haunts all our childhood memories because even in the office we look for a place that is far away from the boss's cabin.

4. The sound of the chalk screeching on the blackboard has been voted as one of the most annoying sounds in the world. Imagine the plight of innumerable school children who have to endure it every day!

5. The period bell. A school is supposed to be a place where we learn discipline and be at peace. Yet the sound of the school bell is one of the most cacophonous sounds in the world. It can bring you to the edge of your nerves. But it sure is exhilarating to hear that bell toll

6. We hate homework. As if being in school is not bad enough, they give us homework so that we never find any respite at home too. Most of us do not hate school as much as we hate homework.

7. The class bully. Every class has one wayward character who calls the shorts. Unless you were the 'bully' of your class, you would have some pretty awful childhood memories dealing with the bully of your class.

8. Rules, rules and more rules. Our school teaches us a lot of good things like discipline, courtesy and punctuality. But we hate school for stifling our young minds. The most important thing in life is 'free thinking' and that we can never learn at school.

9. Monitor mind the class. I hate the monitor in my class and the smug expression on his/her face. It is as if he/she were not the monitor but President presiding over the White House.

10. Holiday Homework. Holidays are supposed be days on which you have some leisure. But we often end up doing more 'work' on holidays due to holiday homework.

Many of us hate certain things about school that has contributed to funny childhood memories. Are these the things you hate about school?

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