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Lousy Day? Get Through With These Tips!

By Nandhini Devi
Every dog has it's day. Similarly, every man has a bad day. In fact, you can term is as an absolutely lousy day. A particular day, when nothing seems to go right, right from burning a toast to showing up late for an important meeting.

Though you feel that everyone and everything is just going against you, you cannot just sit through and accept things. You got to do things to set right your lousy day. Here are some tips that will help you get through a lousy day.

Tips to get you through a lousy day:

1.Remind yourself constantly that this is just another day that will pass. Once you go to bed, you wake up to see another day, and definitely it won't be the same again. This a positive approach to get through a lousy day.

2.Treat yourself with something you like, a spicy snack, a yummy dessert or a mood-lifting food. It will surely perk your mood, even though it might be for a while. In a moment of happiness your mind will be clear and you might be able to sort out things. At least to some extent.

3.Read. Anything, the newspaper, your favourite comic or novel. If you are not into reading, watch a movie. Your favourite classic or action movie.

4.What are your dear ones for? If you feel like crying, cry and pour out your heart to them. It will make you feel lighter. It can be your parents, siblings or friends.

5.Shop. Shopping is a real mood-enhancer. Just check out the local shops or spend time window shopping. If possible, do it with your pal, you can even have a lunch together.

6.Sort out your house. Arrange your closet, rearrange the book shelf or water the plants in your garden. Looking at an organized place, will lift your mood.

7.Spend time with your family, your kids. Visit the local parks or have a family dinner outside, at the neighborhood restaurant. You will definitely feel relieved.

8.Sleep. Take a nap, for at least an hour. It will refresh you. Follow your nap with a cup of tea. You will feel really good.

These are some tips to get through a lousy day. Follow them the next time you are feeling too low.

Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2011, 18:12 [IST]
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