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10 Reasons That Prove Japan A "Superpower"

Despite the unrepairable loss the superpower Japan faced, it is still an inspiration to all nations across the world. The Japanese have seen what destruction means and their "Come What May" attitude has made them somebody who every single human being has to look up to. Even Swami Vivekananda has stated "For patriotism, the Japanese! and it is still seen true as the Japanese are still striving hard to get over with the terrible impact of nature. With this we would like to give a few (10) reasons why Japan is still a superpower. Take a look

10 Reasons That Prove Why Japan Is Still A "Superpower"-

1. The Strength - although there were loss of many lives, there wasn't a picture or a video of people crying or showing any kind of grief as they knew that they had think about the people who were battling for life.

2. The Patience - the people were in great need of food and water but stood in queues and waited for their turn to come.

3. The Maturity - the children and the old were matured enough to know what to do and did just that.

4. The Respect - there was no looting of shops even when the power went off, no overtaking on roads.

5. The Patriotism - about fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water into the burning N-reactors just to save lives for their people.

6. The Selflessness - the people only bought what they required for the day so that everybody could get something.

7. The Education - no fight, no argument or exchange of harsh words even in case of emergency.

8. The Broadcast - even the broadcasters didn't criticize, didn't disrespect any leader or pass silly comments.

9. The Care - many restaurants reduced prices and ATMs were left alone. A sweet gesture to help the victims.

10. The Technology - all credits to those great men who built the structures that swayed but didn't fall.

Aren't these 10 reasons enough to prove Japan A Superpower? Do let us know through comments.

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Story first published: Monday, March 28, 2011, 13:55 [IST]
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