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If It Could Happen To Buddha Why Not You?

Are you stressed out of life and wondering what divine presence or teachings can take you out of your dilemmas? Here is a solution- Just listen to yourself! Vasant Joshi"s new book If It Could Happen To Buddha Why Not You? is all about your own enlightenment-that springs from your innermost core.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of joy, bliss, ecstasy and Ananda? These feelings are quite different from your everyday experience of pain, sorrow, happines and unhappiness. The 'Pointers" in this book reminds you that from Buddha till the Contemporary mystic Osho, many people have felt this unique feeling in their own way. Even though, you must have never contemplated on it, you can also experience it.

There are many processes through which you can achieve this sublime bliss. You can reach the feeling of inner alchemy through the enriching practice of Yoga and the divine experience of love. However be aware of what you are doing since, the author aptly points out that “Living in unawareness is the cause of human misery."(P.65). Through non-attachment, meditation and alertness you can rediscover yourself into an enlightened being.

There are some ways to prepare yourself into this. Meditation is one such a way to rise yourself to sublime consciousness. In the last chapter of the book the author mentions certain meditation techniques for the readers through which they can prepare themselves for rediscovering self.

Based on Osho"s philosophy, the book leads the reader to prepare oneself to attain the enlightenment experienced by Buddha. The language used in the text is crystal clear. The book might bind you a seeker from the first page itself. For others this is an eye opener in itself.

Publishers: Wisdom Tree

Price: Rs. 145/-Only

Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2010, 17:01 [IST]
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