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The Local Accents in Britain Still Flourishes Well!

The latest academic studies says that the provincial accents in the United Kingdom still advances a lot, besides the homogeneous outlooks of the society.

Accents may swallowed up or merged with the countrywide speaking styles, though some minor variations may occur. But some accents are getting vanished too, says the experts. Geordie, Scouse, Mancunian, Brummie, etc are some among them.

The distinctions once existed between the districts of the big cities have become less. The multitude of accents existed in the yesteryear's also has been involved to the 'regional super accent' categories. Around eight or ten of those accents may probably predominate the nation with in the coming forty years, says the authorities. The main among them is the Estuary English from the Southwest of England.

Some accents from the North and the South Wales, Yorkshire, and West Midlands are some others. But in the northern England the urban accents are much effervescent and adaptable. The southern cities like London and Bristol are well known for the labeled accents.

'Citizens generally like to keep up their uniqueness', says Dominic Watt through the Telegraph. He is the lecturer of York University in the Department of Forensic speech science. In Britain, the shops, buildings, and places may look similar. The general interests, past times and even the dressing style may look alike. But what distinguishes them from each other is these dialects and accents, says Mr. Watt.

Story first published: Friday, January 22, 2010, 12:11 [IST]
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