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Graveyard Ain't Creepy

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Often the place graveyard is associated with ghosts, evils, demons, in short a scary and dangerous place to be at. Passing by a graveyard at night is strongly prohibited nevertheless it is creepy during the daytime as well.

This fear is baseless. Graveyard may be the house of many perished humans but it's not the place where ghosts dwell. They have been associated with the place only because dead people are buried there. As for the presence of the souls, they are not restricted to the walls of the graveyard as they can reside everywhere. So, why make the graveyard a scary place?

Graveyard in fact is a place of revelation. If you enter the graveyard letting go of the fear, you will experience a calmness, which is very different from that experienced in a Church. This is where the body rests after life ends. Life is like a battle field, when the war is over, calmness and peace creep in. That calmness is the silence of peace. It is the end of everything we dread of. This is where our wishes, hopes, likes, dislikes come to an end and are proved useless.

The only existence of humans who rest here are their names etched on the gravestone. A visit to the graveyard helps us to shed the weight of desires which we carry within ourselves. The very thought that one day we too will be lying beneath the gravestones, lost in the other world, where the soul will be detached from the world, makes all the desires meaningless.

It all depends on your attitude towards the graveyard. If you look at it with a feeling devoid of fear, you will realize how beautiful it is. It is a place where nature allows human beings to rest. The lush green grass, the white flowers left on gravestone act as a symbol of peace and in the silence of nature there is a feeling of security. The dead human beings are harmless unlike the outside world.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 17:46 [IST]
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