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Interesting Facts About Dinos

By Priya Devi

Did you know that while we chew, the giant dinosaurs gulped down food. Gulping down food just like fast food to satisfy their huge appetite would have been the reason behind the gigantic long-necked dinosaurs.

Chewing helps to digest the food faster. The grinding process brakes down the food into simpler molecules. This helps the digestive enzymes to further digest the food more easily.

The herbivorous giant dinosaurs had small, light skulls with extremely long necks. This helped to make food intake as efficient as possible. So they did not constantly have to heave their 80-ton body over the Jurassic savanna while looking for their greens. They just remained on the spot and used their agile neck to browse their surroundings.

Due to missing molars, the dinosaurs had to gulp down food. This made the digestion process very slow. It took several days to digest a small amount of food. However, their large stomachs still provided them with enough energy, round the clock.

Moreover, the metabolism of these giant animals was incredibly powerful. They had sophisticated lungs, which were far more effective than those of humans!

Story first published: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 16:06 [IST]
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