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Is Your Dog Right-Handed?

By Priya Devi

Did you know that cats, dogs, parrots and even fish are right or left handed? Surprised, aren't you? That's what a new study by Canadian researchers say.

Researchers from the Queen's University examined 42 pet cats for several weeks to come up with their conclusion.

"Male and female cats differ in their behavioural patterns, for example hunting styles and parental care, and it is possible that these place different demands on motor functioning," said one of the researchers.

The female cats are more likely to be "right-handed" while toms prefer using their left paw. Dogs too have the same preference.

Parrots also have a dominant foot to pick up food, while toads are usually right-handed.

It can be possible for birds or the four legged animals to use their one paw more that the other, but you may be wondering that how can a fish be right or left handed? The researchers also pointed out that fish tend to veer to one side more consistently than to the other, when they are dodging predators.

Surprising, but its true!
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Story first published: Monday, May 3, 2010, 14:08 [IST]
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