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Just a Pause: A Deathbed Regret

Surely people are not interested in reading about sorrow and tears. We all have a fair share of melancholy in our lives. People are attracted to sunshine and roses and how to convert their negativity to positivity. But it is not always easy to write about optimism, as a writer refers to the soul more than the oxford dictionary.

If you will notice, negative thoughts are effortless. It is very easy to say, "things are difficult" or "it is hard to live", and generally just whine about all and sundry that is happening in life. "Down in the dumps and life hold no purpose"- this is a statement loaded with negativity. Just reading it weighs a person down completely. Just imagine what feeling it day in and day out does to a person's mindset. Now do we want to be weighed down or do we want to be up there, being that interesting person in the midst of the living? Definitely up there. But how do we get up there? How do we leave that safe haven that we have created for ourselves at the bottom of the pit? After all this was our comfort zone for so long. Everyone fears change. So why should we take the trouble? Why can't the person who is responsible for sending us to the bottom of this pit, change? These are the questions that plague.

Everyone welcomes change, in fact needs change; but no one wants to be the change. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to transform our relationships –only by transforming ourselves. But we shy away from it. Why? Is it our ego that does not allow us to do so? Is it our victim mentality? Or do we wait for the other person to change first and only then follow? While we are in this quandary, life is passing us by and those close to us, after a point, show little or no care.

The reason we are negative is because we are unhappy; and that's a no brainer. We are so used to being unhappy in a job or relationship that we never realize that there is another way to feel. Through the ebbs and flows of life, one tends to get complacent with daily routine. When situations get beyond our control, it is very easy to get majorly stressed out. When the anxiety starts affecting sleep and brings normal life to a stand-still - that is abnormal. Stop! It is time to rein in the wavering and nearly suicidal thoughts. I say "nearly suicidal" because person needs courage to ends one's life and if a person has that kind of courage, he might as well put it to good use and change for the better.

That to me is a deathbed regret – daring to die rather than live.

Story first published: Friday, February 6, 2009, 17:12 [IST]
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