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Almost Single: A Reflection Of Contemporary Indian Women

By Staff

“I live in the moment, its hard for me to enunciate a dream as such, I take it as it comes and I try and stay positive about whatever life has to offer. I am a rather content person and I don't have too many demands of life or people. Before you think that's too idealistic a statement – I must also add that limiting my demands is most certainly a conscious decision and I strive towards that every day."

Advaita Kala

A good work of literature always reflected the contemporary society around it. There will be a wide applause for such novels at the time of publication and the times to follow. Upcoming Indian English writer, Advaita Kala"s Almost Single is one such work that has received wide readership ever since its release.

There is anew phase of women"s movement is happening among the young, educated, expatriate and self sufficient Indian women. They do love to enjoy the pleasures that contemporary life and lifestyle offer to them. They are not ready to rush into the wedlock just like their predecessors. They do enjoy the company of their girlfriends, get into occasional fancies and becomes successful in their careers.

Now, it is Indian society and age is catching up for these successful youngsters. There is stress around them to enter into an arranged marriage and be a traditional Indian woman. However, who cares, since they are in post-feminist age. They are all set to find their own man. Yes, if you are one such free willed woman, Almost Single is your story.

The novel mainly concentrates on Indian women in cities through the characterization of Aisha Bhatia and her friends. Youngsters like Aisha Bhatia are not tragic figures only because they are single. However at times they fear like Aisha that they might be missing out on the nuances of ancient culture in the desire to become a liberated Indian woman. All these fears, aspirations, dreams, stress and lifestyle are universal in any Indian city on these days.

Almost Single has sold 10,000 copies in the first four months and is now in its fourth printing, a huge success by the standards of English-language fiction in India. Many readers found it as reading their own lives through pages. There is a great anticipation for Advaita Kala"s next work to be released. Let us wait to see what this gifted writer has in store for us.

Story first published: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 13:57 [IST]
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