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Dilemmas of a macho man

By Super Admin
Every man ought to be a macho macho man
to live a life of freedom, machos make a stand.
( Source: A 1978 disco song by Village People)

What will be the first image that come to your mind as soon as you hear the word "macho"? A man with all masculine qualites, power to rule the world, dare to challenge anyone, attract all women like bees to honey and live a life of freedom according to his own will. Well, who might guess that this hero has some hidden dilemmas in his mind. Dwell into these common dilemmas and explore the real world of a macho man.

A macho man's prime dilemma is that his ideas about the masculine qualities and his own masuline qualities may not tally at many tmes.Any weak feature may bring a strong punch to the so far boosted ego. Their nightmare will be an adverse criticism from a person. The ability to have a self awareness and self confidence throw a macho man to tension and misery at many times.

A macho man always consider him to the super hero of any group. He cannot withstand if the limelight has been withdrawn from him. When his dear wish to rule a group and take the ultimate decision is challenged at many times; the macho man has no other way than hiding his dilemmas.Well, there is only one way out of this dilemma for a macho man. He must realize that, he is not the ony person with a macho attitude in the world. Unless or untill he is in a supreme position to dictate a group; he must learn to work along with the group. His tolerant steps may bring him to the cherished position within a short span after that.

The greatest trouble that a macho man faces is the adverse results of his uncontrolled anger. A macho man believes that he has the courage and stamina to challenge anyone for anything. However at most instances he may have to endure dangerous situations for his unthinking actions. Here the macho man has to understand that nobody is a superman as he has watched in the films. He can react to injustice at any time. However if he can control his toxic emotions, it would save him from misery.

A girl's rejection is the greatest punch to a macho man's ego and it is the dilemma he always want to avoid.He always hopes that girls would swarm as bees around him and woo him. He may even want more than one or two girlfriends to boost his ego. However in the heart of heart he will always have the fear of a girl rejectiong him. Well, there is nothing much to say than an advice given by Sameer to the Romeo Karan Kapoor in Bollywood comedy HUM TUM "More than girls desire a man, a man is in the need of a girl. Because even though men are physically stronger than women; at the heart they are weaker than women. There is always a kid that craves for mother's love in the heart of a man. Only a woman can fulfill that need."

A macho man's ultimate ambition to live a life of freedom even without these dilemmas will come true only when he accepts his real self and respect the selves of others. When that realization happens he comes out of the shell of macho man hallucination.

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Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2007, 17:34 [IST]