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Dia Dos Namorados- A Day For The Enamoured

By Super Admin

"Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay,


Love isn't love till you give it away," goes the popular saying.

Valentine's Day is globally celebrated transgressing the barriers of geographical boundaries, religion, race etc. It is one of the much-looked forward days to give expression to the love buried deep within one's bosom. Almost all countries of the world involve themselves in this day of amorous expressions. However Brazil has its own reasons to celebrate the day of love on June 12th.

The much expected day of love is called 'Dia dos Namorados' by the Brazilians. The 'Dia dos Namorados' celebrations bears close resemblance to the 'Valentine's Day' celebrated all over the world. Exchanging gifts between lovers, husbands and wives is the important tradition associated with the 'Dia dos Namorados'. The enamoured ones exchange gifts like cards, chocolates, lingerie and other gifts. Gifting flower bouquets form a significant part during the Dia dos Namorados celebrations.

The lover's day is celebrated in the eve of St. Anthony's day. It is a conventional belief that St. Anthony blessed young couples with good partners and thereby conferred marital bliss. It is the day when single women of Brazil perform certain rituals in the view of being blessed with a suitable husband.

The Dia dos Namorados is a much-anticipated event akin to the Valentine's Day as it calls for joy, love and merry making. The day features colorful samba dance, folk music and live music concerts performed by popular rock bands and singers. Homes are decorated or beautified in the loveliest way and the streets are lit up with bright lighting features. Not to miss out on the nightlong parties where friends and close associates are invited to make a splendid get together. Tourists to Brazil can avail special packages in the Brazilian hotels.

Parades and carnivals have their own way in adding to the festivities and celebration of the lover's day in Brazil. These represent the historical and cultural heritage and aspect of the South American countries. It's all about spectacular colours everywhere that form an inherent part of the carnivals and parades.

It is also been told that the Valentine's Day is also been celebrated to some extent in Brazil. Though the Brazilians follow a different day to celebrate the lover's day, it is to be noted that Brazil poses no difference in realizing the underlying essence of the Valentine's Day and the Dia dos Namorados.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 31, 2007, 15:05 [IST]