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Bookworms, Let’s Escape The World And Celebrate National Book Lovers Day 2019

A call to all bookworms, today is your day! Books are the best way to escape from the world and spend a loving date reading it. This day is just meant to keep your smartphones aside, pull your favourite book out from the shelf and treat yourself with some quality reading time. Who wants other forms of happiness when the purest form of happiness is just between the pages?

To celebrate our love for books, every year 'National Book Lovers Day' is observed on 9 August. As today is the day, let's get some amazing tips and ideas on how to celebrate the day and make your day worth it.

Check this message from the space on National Book Lovers Day.

How To Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

  • If you are a book lover, treat yourself with a new favourite book. If you have a book lover person in your life, gift them a book which they would appreciate.
  • Clean the bookshelves in order to show some respect towards the day and your love for them.
  • No matter how busy you are, take a time out to go on a great adventure with your loving book. Don't forget to wear your favourite pyjamas while reading and a cup of coffee.
  • Throwing a book-themed party is not a bad idea.
  • Get your name registered in the nearest library to avoid spending more on buying books.
  • Encourage people in your life to make books their best friends.
  • Distribute your old books with friends or participate in the book exchange to encourage the day.

Why Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

  • Books make us think beyond the time and space: Books are powerful as they make us travel the past, present, and future while we are on a couch wearing a pyjama.
  • Books understand us: "You think your pain and heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read," said James Baldwin, an American novelist. Books are those friends who make us feel more alive and introduces us to the world.
  • Reading a book is better than seeing a movie: Movies may not justify the actual emotion but books do. Reading a book is the best option as it justifies every emotion of a reader.

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