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World Picnic Day 2020: Some Interesting Facts Related To It

Do you know that World Picnic Day is observed every year on 18 June? Though the origin of this day is still unknown, it is quite popular among people. Several countries across the globe celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and harmony. The day is observed as more like a fun event rather than a fundraising awareness event.

People on this day, go to places for a picnic with their loved ones. They spend this day with their friends and family members while enjoying and having fun at the picnic. So today, we are here with some interesting facts related to the picnic. Scroll down the article to read more.

1. The word comes from the French word 'pique-nique' meaning pick nothing. The host was to hold an informal outdoor lunch.

2. The word 'picnic' was first seen in the English language in the year 1748. Originally picnic was all about organising either an indoor or outdoor lunch and spending a good time with family members, close relatives and friends.

3. The first idea of a modern-day picnic was introduced by French people. The royal parks were opened to let common people enjoy outdoor lunch with family and friends after the French revolution in 1789.

4. In the year 1802, a Pic-Nic society club was founded in London. The participants used to contribute some food and spend a good time with each other.

5. One of the tales of picnic also comes from the stories of Robin Hood who used to dine with his men under a tree. The meal basically included bread, butter, cheese and beer.

6. The Teddy Bear's Two-Step Picnic, a children's song composed in the year 1907 was one of the works of John W Bratton.

7. In 1930, the Teddy Bear's Two-Step Picnic song was renamed as the 'Picnic' after more lyrics were added to the song.

8. On 14 July 2000, a 600-mile-long picnic was organised in France. The aim of organising this picnic was to celebrate the first Bastille Day of the new millennium.

9. The movie Picnic (1955) won two Oscars awards. On the other hand, the movie Picnic At The Hanging Rock released in the year 1975 won a Bafta.

So, these were some of the interesting and lesser known facts about picnics. This year the people won't be able to go out and have picnics with their loved ones. However, they can organise a virtual picnic with their near and dear ones. Some of them may also think of having a picnic on their terrace.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 12:37 [IST]
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