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World Photography Day 2021: Some Interesting Facts That Will Amaze You

One cannot deny that photography is one of the best ways of expressing one's emotions, thoughts and views. It not only captures the images but also the memories, expressions, ideas and the moment in which one lives.

Every year 19 August is observed as World Photography Day to celebrate the history, art, craft and science of photography. This World Photography Day, we are here with some interesting and lesser-known facts about photography that will amaze you.

1. The word 'photography' means 'drawing from light' and it was first coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel, who happened to be a British Scientist.

2. The first-ever photo that consisted of a human was clicked in 1828. The photo was clicked by Louis Daguerre who wanted to capture the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. Since the exposure lasted for seven minutes, a man was standing in the streets and was getting his shoes polished, he was captured in the photograph.

3. The first aerial photo was clicked in 1858 and it featured Paris. However, the photograph no longer exists as it was lost long ago.

4. The first-ever digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson in 1975. During that time, he was working for Eastman Kodak.

5. Believe it or not but the first digital camera weighed four times than the modern DSLR camera. The Steven camera weighed 3.6 kg and captured only 0.01 MP.

6. Do you know that in a year more than 1 Trillion photos are clicked? However, there's no exact record of the number of photos taken in a day.

7. The first colour photo was clicked in the year 1861 by Thomas Sutton who was actually suggesting a way to create coloured photos.

8. You may get surprised to know that there was a time when flashes could explode and become violent. This is because, initially, photography flashes were made using a mixture of potassium chloride and aluminium.

9. The world's most expensive photograph was clicked by Andreas Gursky in 1999. The photograph was sold for $4,338,500 at auction.

10. Unlike other camera brands, Kodak has no meaning. Where Canon means law, rule and principle whereas Ilford was derived from its birthplace, the founder of Kodak found 'K' to be a strong letter. Therefore, he made a word from 'K'.

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