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Coronavirus Outbreak: 10 Effective Ways To Work From Home During This Global Pandemic

The outbreak of novel coronavirus COVID-19 has affected many people across the world. The graph of the disease is growing rapidly and therefore, it has been termed as Global Pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO). If you are unaware of the severity, various educational institutes, public places, etc. have been shut down for a few days. In fact, a few events have been cancelled to control the widespread of the novel Coronavirus (In fact, various big-small companies have brought the work-from-home policy to ensure their employees are safe from COVID-19 infections)

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After all, nobody would find it motivating and comfortable to step out of their houses while there's an outbreak of a pandemic. In such a situation, work from home can be a feasible and safe option for working professionals. But if you are wondering how you will be work efficiently while being at your place, then scroll down the article to find some helpful tips.


1. Keep Your Phone And Laptop Charged

First things first, you need to ensure that your phone and laptop are charged so that your work doesn't get affected due to power-cuts. You never know when there's a power cut at your place. When you are in your workplace, there is obviously a good back-up system, the same can be at your place too but then it's good to stay prepared.


2. Set Up Your Workspace

Of course, when you have work from home you can still be in your bed and switch on to your laptop to start your work. But how about setting up a workspace for it. By saying this, we don't mean you need to have a separate cabin and a work desk. You can set your workspace in a corner of your living or bedroom too. You can arrange a table and chair where you can sit and work peacefully. The intention behind setting up a workspace you to prepare yourself mentally to work effectively.


3. Make Up Your Mind To Work As If You Are In Office

So another step that you need to take is to make up your mind. If you think you can work well while you are yawning and are still in your nightwear, then you may be wrong. You may not be able to focus on your work and would easily get bored. Take a bath, wear clean clothes and have your breakfast in the same way as you do before leaving for your office. Sit at your workspace and start working as you would do at your workplace on normal days.


4. Have An Effective Routine That You Can Follow

Work from home can be really effective and efficient if you have a proper routine that includes your working hours and breaks. Just because you are allowed to work from your home, doesn't mean you can work whenever you feel like doing. Try to start your work at the same office time and have breaks accordingly. This won't hamper your efficiency and you will be able to meet your deadlines and goals.


5. Inform Your Family Members/ Roommates/ Flatmates

Since you are at home and doing your office work, it is pretty obvious that you will be facing many distractions. For example, your kids and/or family members may ask your attention. Your roommates and flatmates may ask you to watch a movie or play some games.

So, it is obvious that you may not get the same peaceful and professional environment like your office, especially if you do not live alone. Therefore, make sure you inform your family members, roommates and flatmates about your work from home.


6. Stay Connected To Your Team

Whether you work from home or in your office, it is essential to stay connected to your team members. If you think working from home will isolate you from your team members, then this is not the truth. You can still stay connected with them through video calls, emails and messages. You share details through chat rooms and discuss your work. This way you won't feel isolated and will remain connected with your co-workers.


7. Organise Online Meetings When Needed

Whenever there's a need for a meeting, you can schedule and organise the meetings. For this, you can schedule some meetings in the calendar and share it with your co-workers. While you are opting for online meetings, make sure you are visible and dressed up nicely. If you are at places having different time zones, inform the same to your colleagues to ensure everyone joins meetings without any problem.


8. Share Your Goals And Work Reports

It is necessary that you share your goals and work reports with your colleagues, reporting manager. Just because you are working while staying at your place, doesn't mean you don't have to keep everyone updated. Send mails regarding your follow-ups, work reports, goals, etc. to whomsoever you are supposed to.


9. Follow Work Ethics And Etiquettes

It doesn't matter if you are at your office or home, you need to follow your work ethics and etiquettes while doing the work. If you are scheduling any meeting, then make sure you have gone through the calendar and if everyone is comfortable with the dates.

If you are reaching out to someone through chat, video call or mails ensure if it's a good time to talk. Moreover, if you are attending meeting through online platforms, avoid being in your night suit or lounge-wear.


10. Motivate Your Team Members

Since the outbreak of coronavirus itself is depressing and saddening, you need to keep your spirits high. Motivate your team members to give their best and stay calm. Avoid giving negative remarks to your co-workers or juniors for their mistakes. Try to sort out things in a calm manner. This will help in maintaining the efficiency of work and continuing with the work.

We hope the situation gets better. Till then, stay safe and healthy!!!