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Happy New Year: 10 Ways To Enjoy New Year's Eve While Being At Home

The year 2021 is about to end, and we will be entering a new year. This is exciting for all of us, as globally out of all the bad and depressing things that happened in 2020 and 2021, we are delighted with the fact that we will be making a fresh start with the arrival of the year 2022.

However, we must not forget that we are still facing the COVID-19 pandemic and its variants Delta and Omicron, and we need to ensure all the safety measures no matter what. Still when it comes to welcoming the new year, people can't keep calm. But as the different state governments have banned public gatherings and late night parties on the New Year's eve, we understand that most of you may feel disheartened.

You may feel dejected as it would have ruined your plans for the New Year's eve celebration. But do you know that there are still many more ways through which you can enjoy your New Year's celebration? In order to know how you can have a memorable New Year's eve even during this pandemic, scroll down the article to read more.


1. Connect With Your Friends Over A Video Call

It is obvious to miss your friends and loved ones while waving a goodbye to 2020 and welcoming 2021 during this pandemic. But you don't have to feel disheartened as you can connect with them over a video call and have a virtual party. You can join on a video call at a pre-decided time and relive your experiences in 2020. For this, you can also think of wearing your best clothes to look good.


2. Bake Cakes And Cookies

The New Year celebration is almost incomplete without a cake and cookies. So you can think of baking your favourite cookies and cakes on the eve of New Year. You can think of preparing cookies and cakes based on a particular theme or a design. If possible, you can ask your friends to organise a cake baking competition to enjoy this day in a more memorable manner.not only this, if you wish, you can send some cookies as a token of love to your near and dear ones.


3. Send Personalised Gifts To Your Near And Dear Ones

What could be better than celebrating the New Year's Eve by sending some personalised gift items to your loved ones? Shower some love upon your best friends and other loved ones by sending something they would always cherish forever. For example, you can give a personalised water bottle or bag to someone who is dear to you.


4. Hold Best Dressed Picture Contest With Your Friends

So what if you aren't able to participate in a theme-party at a club in your city? You can plan one with your friends while being at your respective homes. For this, all you would need to do is get dressed nicely, click a nice picture of yours and send it to the social media group you and your friends are part of. You will also need to convince your friends to take part in this and then you guys can decide the best dressed person or give your opinions on each picture.


5. Invite Your Loved Ones At Your Place

Instead of sulking over the government's decision of banning the New Year's Eve party at different clubs, restaurants and pubs, you can actually plan one at your place. Further you can invite your close friends to be a part of this party and enjoy at the fullest. This will definitely help you in having a memorable New Year's Eve celebration and the best part of organising house parties is that you can enjoy as per your comfort and wish.


6. Play Some Board Games At Your Place

If you aren't a party animal, then you can invite your friends to play some board games at your place. You can also think of going to their place and enjoy a board game. You can also arrange some snacks and something delicious to drink as well. This way you will be enjoying the eve of New Year in a different yet memorable manner.


7. Binge Watch Your Favourite Show With Your Friends

There are people who do not feel like having an extravagant celebration and would rather love to be in the comfort of their sweet home. Therefore, for this, you can think of having a movie-night or binge-watching your favourite show. Staying awake and enjoying your favourite series or movies is no less than a great way of enjoying your New Year's eve.


8. Plan A Dance Party At Your Place

There's nothing to feel disheartened for not being able to go to clubs and tap your feet on the beats of music. This is because now you can have the same at your place. It's not that difficult to host a dance party at your place. Just a list of some evergreen party songs along with some beautiful fairy lights and snacks to eat, would help you in organising a wonderful dance party. In case, you feel like moving your furniture in order to create more space for the party, then you can do the same as well.


9. Have A Virtual Toast With Your Loved Ones

We understand that the pandemic might have made it difficult to be with your near and dear ones and raise a toast to the passing year. But in this era of technology, you don't have to lose hope as you can raise a virtual toast with your loved ones. For this, you would need to connect with your loved ones over a video call on a fixed time and then raise a toast with them.


10. Send E-Cards To Your Friends

Throwback to the days when you used to send greeting cards to your friends and extended family members. In this digital era, you can bring back those days by sending e-cards to your friends. You can yourself design beautiful personalised cards for people who are really close to you.

Though there are many other ways of celebrating the New Year's Eve, the above-mentioned ways will actually help you in having a wonderful New Year despite the pandemic and strict guidelines issued by the government. We hope you enjoy your New Year while taking care of the necessary safety measures to prevent COVID-19.

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