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Video Of 70-Year-Old Physics Professor From Virginia Doing Crazy Experiments Goes Viral

The Video of a 70-year-old Community College physics professor from Virginia, Dr David Wright has gone viral after one of his students decided to document the professor for an entire semester.

In the video, the professor can be seen doing some crazy experiments for the students to make the teaching fun. The students seem to love their professor and enjoy these fun experiments that he does.

To give you an idea of the stuff he does, you might have read in your physics class that it is possible to lie down on a bed of nails without getting hurt and the professor actually laid down on a bed of nails in the middle of the class in what we are guessing is to show it to the students. And his age makes it all the more interesting.

Here is a look at this viral video.

In any case, the student, Erica who posted this video did not think that the video collage that she made of her fun professor will get such an overwhelming response.

She mailed the professor telling him that the video collage she posted ended up going viral, the professor responded in the cutest way possible. " Thank you very much for sharing that with me. It was an amazing semester because I had amazing students." was his reply.

Well, the Twitterati are gushing over the professor and his antics with the post getting replies like 'He's so cute omg', 'I love a teacher/professor who loves their job. You can feel the difference.' and 'Shout out to these kinds of teachers that do it for the love' flooding the comment section.

We bet you didn't have a professor as cool as the students of this professor do.

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