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Valentine’s Day: History And Significance Of This Day

Valentine's Day also known as Saint Valentine's Day or Feast of Saint Valentine, is a day annually observed on 14 February every year. The day is celebrated as the festival of love. While the day is observed by couples all over the world doing cute and romantic things for each other, the origins of the day are not at all romantic. Today we are here to tell you more about this day. Scroll down the article to read more.


The story dates back to the 3rd century BC. There lived a man named Saint Valentine, a Catholic clergyman. The Roman Emperor Claudius II had ordered the young men to not get married as he believed married young men would form a weaker army. He had this strong belief in including single and young men in his army. So he had passed this strange law. However, Saint Valentine never believed in this theory and helped young men in marrying their love interests. He used to organise a secret wedding for those who wanted to marry their beloved. Not only this, but he provided financial help as well. When the Emperor came to know about this, he ordered his men to imprison Saint Valentine and behead him. While in captivity, the saint took care of his fellow prisoners and healed their wounds. He also took care of his jailor's blind daughter and suggested effective medication to cure her eyesight. He gradually cured her blindness and had decided to write a letter to her signed as "from your Valentine".

But before the saint could write, he was beheaded.

It is said that he has beheaded on 14 February 270 AD. However, for over 200 years the day wasn't celebrated. But when the entire Rome had embraced Christianity and Catholic Church stamped out any paganism, the Pope established 14 February to be celebrated as St. Valentine's Day.


  • Over the years, the celebration of this festival changed and people started dedicating this day to their beloved one in the memory of St. Valentine.
  • On this day, couples usually give gifts to each other and observe the day with full enthusiasm.
  • Couples observe the day by going on dates, doing sweet and adorable things to celebrate the festival of love.
  • Not only this, but the celebration of this day usually goes on for a week starting with Rose Day on 6 February and ending with Valentine's Day on 14 February.
  • They exchange numerous greeting cards, flowers, chocolates and other beautiful gifts with each other.
  • People also dedicate poetry to their love interest and involve in some flirtatious games with each other.
  • Restaurants and gift shops decorate their places as per Valentine's theme and offer various foods and gift items to couples.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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