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Venomous Two-headed Copperhead Snake Found In Virginia, Pictures Go Viral!

It is not unusual to find animals around the globe that display truly remarkable features and behaviours. We have also come across many viral videos of two-headed animals.

Well, one such video is of a two-headed copperhead snake that was found in Northern Virginia. The venomous snake was found in a flower bed and it had its spine fused. The snake had to put a lot of stress on the spine when the heads want to move in different directions, said J.D. Kleopfer, a reptiles and amphibians specialist for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

In a Facebook post, he wrote that the two-headed snake has two tracheae (the left one is more developed), two oesophagi (the right one is more developed) and it shares one set of lungs and heart.

He further added that these wild bicephalic snakes are very rare, because their life span is short and there are too many challenges they undergo daily.

The snake was about two weeks old and six inches long. It was under the care of a private, experienced snake keeper before it died.

As the snake video went viral, Twitterati started commenting.

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