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Finding Ways To Stop Smartphone Addiction? Here Are 9 Tips That Can Help You

Let's understand one thing straight that phone addiction is real. We live in a world where smartphones have a massive influence on humans and it is now almost impossible to imagine our lives without these. We are so much dependent on our smartphones that we are now finding it difficult to beat the smartphone addiction.

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What made it worse?

Thanks to social media, most of us are now glued to our screens. With numerous social media platforms just a click away, people have now become more inclined towards smartphones. It would be no wrong to say, smartphones have now become an integral part of every human's life.

Scroll down to know the tips that can actually help you to stop your smartphone addiction.

1. Make Up Your Mind

If you are willing to stay away from your mobile phone then make sure your mind is ready for it. For this, you need to make up your mind that you won't be checking your phone unnecessarily. Also, you can fix a penalty for checking your phone unnecessarily such as turning it off or reducing the time from the next use.

2. Turn Off Notifications

In order to know if somebody messaged you or liked any of your posts, your smartphone rings the notification bell. These can distract your mind in no time. In order to get over this, you can turn off the notification sound or change the settings so that lesser notifications appear on your screen. This way you won't have the urge to check your phone as soon as the notification bell rings.

3. Set Some Rules To Use Your Phone

In order to minimise the time for using your phone, you can also fix a time for yourself. Such as you can set a time limit that you will be using your phone only for 4 hours a day. Once you exceed the time limit, you won't be able to use your phone.

Or you can set rules for yourself such as you won't be using the phone the moment you wake up in the morning and 2 hours prior to going to bed at night. Also, you can avoid your mobile phones while having breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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4. Utilise Your Leisure Time By Doing Something Productive

You might be using your phone the moment you are free or you are back from your office. Rather than doing something productive, you may love to use your phone once you are free.

You can replace this habit from reading books or with something else. You can either read your favourite books, water your plants or have a conversation with your family members, friends, flatmate or with people around you.

5. Go For A Walk Rather Than Using Your Mobile Phone

Going for a walk than sitting on your sofa and scrolling through the news feed on your mobile phone is always a healthier option for you. During the evening, if you are busy checking posts on social media then you can keep your phone aside and go for a brisk walk. This will not only help you to enjoy the fresh air but will also help you to stay away from your mobile phone.

6. Read Newspaper Instead Of Checking News Online

No doubt, your phone might help you in staying updated with the things happening in every corner of the world. But, the newspaper has been doing the same thing for quite a long time, isn't it? Therefore, why not switch back to newspaper rather than going through online news. This will not help you to stay away from your phone, but it will also help you to develop reading habits.

7. Use Wrist Watch To Keep A Track Of Your Screen Time

Most of people have the habit of using their phones for checking the time. Even if they are wearing a wrist watch, they will make sure to see their phone's home screen to check the time. Therefore, you need to leave this habit as soon as possible. For this, you can check your wrist watch whenever you feel the urge to know the time. Initially, it can be difficult for you to but eventually, you will succeed in the same.

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8. Avoid Keeping Your Phone In The Bed

You may have the habit of sleeping with your smartphone or mobile phone and checking it whenever you are awake. However, there are many people who do the same. But you can actually get rid of this habit.

For this, you'll need to avoid keeping your phone in bed whenever you are going to sleep. You can turn off the internet connection of your phone and place it on a table or shelf while you are sleeping.

9. Remove Social Media Apps From Home Screen

Your smartphone's home screen may be crowded with several social media applications and they are so easy to access.

This can increase your urge to use the phone, go through social media posts, posting numerous things, chatting with friends and so on. In order to avoid such urge, you can actually remove all the social media applications from your phone's home screen and just keep one which is quite important. This will help you to save a lot of time.

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Smartphones are no doubt quite addictive, the work pressure and automation of various business work have increased this addiction. But staying away from your phone is not at all impossible. Little effort, determination and honesty can help you in getting over this addiction.

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