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If You Are Unable To Control Your Laughter During Serious Moments, These 5 Tips Will Surely Help You

Laughing is said to be good for health as it helps in reducing stress levels and lighten up your mood. Even during bad times, laughter helps, but there can be a time when you find a situation really funny, while others find it quite serious and stressful. In those times, you might be laughing your heart out, and other people will be staring at you with frowning looks on their faces. That can be really awkward for you!

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Fret no more, as we have listed some tips that can help you to control your laughter and save yourself from people's unwanted gaze and frowning look when there is a serious atmosphere around you-

1. Distract Your Mind

Even though you can temporarily distract your mind from your problems, you cannot erase it. But, as the old saying goes, "something is better than nothing" therefore, to deal with difficult situations, laughter can help.


But when in serious situations, you also have to curb your urge to laugh. Just think about something else, while you are having the urge to laugh out loud in a meeting or at the funeral of your neighbour's pet, else people will think that you are not sensible.

You can either count numbers in reverse manner i,e. 100 to 1, you can think about what you will be cooking for tonight's dinner or think about a friend who needs help. If you have nothing else to think about, think about a vacation. There are infinite reasons through which you can distract your mind and control your laughter.

2. Try To Act Like You Are Coughing Or Clearing Your Throat


Coughing can actually save you from grabbing the unwanted and confused gaze of people around you in a serious situation. When you are already giggling and you are about to burst into loud laughter, just try to make coughing sound and clear your throat. This will help you to make an excuse that there is something stuck in your throat and then you can excuse yourself for the restroom and laugh there instead.

3. Pinch Yourself


Pain can actually help you to control your laughter during some serious moments. Pinching will cause slight pain and therefore there is still some chance that your mind will forget about the laughter. You can either pinch your elbow or bite your tongue slightly or just prick a pen in your finger. This will really help you to stop your laughter. But, don't injure yourself while countering your laughter.

4. Excuse Yourself


If you really can't control your laughter as it has hit you before you can stop it, then you can excuse yourself for using the restroom. This way you can laugh your heart out without making the situation awkward for yourself. Also, you can take deep breaths after you have finished laughing.

5. Apologise For Your Laughter


In case you just fail to control your laughter in a serious situation, you can then easily ask for an apology. You can say that laughing is your way of coping up with stressful moments.

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Well, your laughing at serious moments might hurt people but you can explain to them the reason behind your laughter. This will help you to make sure your relationship with them is not spoilt.

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