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In Your 20s? 12 Things That You Should Not Continue Doing Any More

If you are in your 20s, it is the time when your efficiency level is at its peak. You are energetic and productive. During this phase of life, things seem exciting and possible for you. But there are some things that you must leave in your 20s and become more mature.


So scroll down to know what are those things that you must quit in your 20s.

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1. Stop Being Lazy

With so many advanced technologies and sophisticated gadgets, it is obvious for us to become lazy and distracted. Sitting at home and being a couch-potato is not a thing that one should become in his/her 20s. You must understand how important it is to make the best use of your energy for accomplishing your goals.


2. Stop Daydreaming And Accept Reality

Having dreams and thinking about how your future should look like is not at all a bad thing at all. All of us should have dreams, but in your 20s, if you are not doing hard work and simply sitting and daydreaming, then it is a problem. Instead of getting lost in your thoughts and waiting for the right opportunity, you can make efforts to achieve your career goals. It is better to start working rather than thinking and dreaming all day.


3. Avoid Unhealthy Diet

As a teenager, all of us loved eating junk food. There were no restrictions when it came to satisfying our taste palate. But now you have grown up and therefore, you must understand the importance of having a healthy diet. It is not that you need to eat only for satisfying your appetite. You can plan your diet according to your health needs. You can include more fruits and vegetables instead of having oily and spicy food. Eat for making yourself healthy and not just for filling your tummy.


4. Stop Making Lame Excuses

All of us have made several excuses simply to avoid studies, exercises and much more. But now it's high time when you should quit making lame excuses for arriving late at work or not working for achieving your career goals. Instead of brainstorming your mind to come up with excuses, you can actually work, so that you do not have to think for any excuses.

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5. Keep Toxic Relationships At Bay

Being in a relationship which is toxic even in your 20s doesn't make you wise. You can look for people who know your worth and value your presence in their life. Have a relationship in which you feel happy and motivated rather feeling exhausted and gloomy all the time. You might be in deep love with the person, but it is better to move away from the person who doesn't understand your love.


6. Discard Your Bad Habits

During our teenage and college lives, one might develop some habits which are not good for health. These habits might affect your health to a great extent. In such cases, you can list out your habits and mark the good ones and the bad ones out of them. You can identify a habit as a good or bad by analysing if the habit is actually improving your health or not.


7. Stop Playing Blame Game

Blaming others for what happened with you is not a good thing to do.

Things might have been wrong for you while you were a teenager, but now you can take charge of your own. If you think something wrong happened with you, then look for the ways to improve that mistake instead of playing the blame game.


8. Not Realising Your Mistakes

Committing mistakes is not a big deal but not accepting your mistake and acting as if you are always right, is not a great thing. Accepting your mistakes will never let you down. Think about how you will feel if someone doesn't apologetic for his/her behaviour and for the pain he/she caused to you. Seeking forgiveness will save you from losing important people.


9. Stop Pretending To Be Someone Else

It is a good thing to get inspired from other people and imparting their behaviour in your daily lives. But pretending to be someone else and not 'you', is a way to show disagreement to yourself. It is okay to be different from others.

If you are in your 20s now it is high time that you accept who you are and act accordingly so that when you look back, you can be proud of yourself.


10. Avoid Getting Drunk Every time

Clubbing and drinking are so cool as they appear to be. Getting drunk every time and losing control over your senses is not good at all. Now that you are in your 20s, you must be aware of your limit. Drinking too much alcohol and then having no control over yourself can put you in severe problems at times.


11. Stop Being Judgemental

Judging others on the basis of their physical appearance and clothing is so childish. If you are still doing this in your 20s then it is better that you stop being so judgemental. Accept the fact that no one is perfect and everyone has some or the other flaws.


12. Seeking Validation

Seeking someone's approval and validation can be a good thing at times but repeating the same thing every time even when you are in your 20s is not a good thing at all. Have confidence in yourself and in things you do else people will control your life.

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Make yourself strong and confident if you are in your 20s as this is the phase where you can achieve so much by adding the right amount of efforts.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 6, 2019, 9:30 [IST]
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