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8 Things Millennials Who Stay Away From Family Will Absolutely Relate To

Also known as Gen Y, millennials are said to be the future of the world. They are not only taking charge of their own lives but are also making decisions that will help them to move forward in their lives. Most of them are always keen to learn new things and gain life experiences. Also, some of them have to unwillingly stay away from their family for studies or jobs.

As a millennial, no doubt you will learn so many things that can help you in improving yourself and becoming the best version of yourself. At times, you may have to live in a hostel or PG room with roommates, which is a different experience altogether. You will make memories that will remain with you forever. Therefore, we have come with things that you can easily relate to. Scroll down to know more.

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1.'Maa K Hath Ka Khana' Makes You Nostalgic

All of us know that mess food is nothing when compared to homemade food. The taste of fresh and nicely cooked recipes not only fills one's appetite but also provides extreme satisfaction. Even if you can cook well, the taste of the food prepared by your mother is matchless and even the best chefs in the world cannot create it. You are constantly counting days to taste the food prepared by your mother and you also realise the value of home-cooked food.

2. No Need To Clean The Room Everyday

Though living away from family is not a great feeling and at times you feel homesick, there are also some perks that you forget to count. One such thing is cleaning your room when you feel like and not when your mother asks you to do it. You can pile up the clothes in a corner for the week and then wash them off on Sundays. Even if you spill coffee on the sofa, you don't have to fear about your mom scolding you. Also, you can happily stay in your mess and clean whenever you feel there is a need for it.

3. Bike Trips Are The Best Therapy

You know how bike trips can make you feel energised and rejuvenated in no time. Rather than taking permission from your family members, you can go on bike trips when you get an opportunity. With your friends and your bike, you can happily plan your trips and enjoy the surrounding around you.

4. Retaining Salary Amount Can Be Challenging At Times

At times, you may feel hard to save your salary amount within a few weeks of its credit. The rent amount, phone bill, shopping, etc may burn a hole in your pocket. This is when you turn up to your mother to help you with some money. Though you may swear to save from the next month, it never happens.

5. Buying Groceries Can Be Annoying

Though you accompanied your mother in grocery shopping, doing the same on your own can be boring and annoying at times. You may either end up buying too much or you may forget a few essential things to buy. Also, you may not be able to bargain the way your mother does. This is when you realise, grocery shopping is not a cakewalk.

6. Late Night Parties Become The New Normal Thing

It is no less than a tough challenge to ask your parents to let you go for late-night parties while you live with them. As soon as you try to seek their permission, you might get to see their angry faces. Also, they will ask you to return home within the given time slot. But when living alone, there is no such problem. You can have fun with your friends and enjoy the moment while taking safety into consideration.

7. Maturity Comes To You

Living away from family as a millennial makes you mature and responsible with every passing day. You go through various challenges and problems in your daily life. Even if you know your parents are there to have your back, you prefer dealing with your problems on your own. This in return makes you strong and mature. You learn who is trustworthy and whom you should give importance to.

8. Family Asks You To Get Married

We live in a country where marriage is the ultimate solution to every problem. Not us, but some parents believe so. While you were a kid, you must have thought of growing up soon and living life the way you wanted it to be. But it is only after you grow up, you realise that you cannot make certain choices at times, also not about with whom you want to spend your life with.

Even if you have other plans, your parents and relatives start asking you to get married and 'settle down'. This happens especially with girls. Even if you are not willing to get married, you will be told to get married to live happily and peacefully.

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However, as a millennial, you are full of enthusiasm and energy, it is better to take your priorities into consideration before making a decision. This will not help you in living your life in a better way, but will also make you more responsible.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 7:12 [IST]
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