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Don't Be Judgemental! 6 Things That Millennials May Want Their Parents To Know

It is said that parents are the only humans who love you unconditionally and will always believe in you. There are times when parents misunderstand millennials and think that they are not at all serious in their life. For that reason, the ideologies that parents have may differ from what millennials have. The reason behind this could be that millennials got to experience so many changes in a short span of time. From electronic devices to the internet and whatnot has made millennials think in a different way.

We have listed few things that millennials may want their parents to know and understand. Scroll down to read what are those things.


1. 'We Too Are Serious When It Comes To Building Our Careers'

Parents often think that millennials are not serious for their career and won't achieve their goals. However, this is not true. Millennial too are serious for their career. It is just that they may need some time to achieve their destined goals. Since they have experienced so many changes while growing up, they know that it is essential for them to keep pace with the new changes happening every day.


2. 'Spending Time Using Phone Is Not Always About Time-Pass'

Smartphones are undoubtedly one of the most common things that parents hate seeing in the hands of their millennial. However, it is not that millennial are always wasting time when using their phones. Since now much official work can be done through a smartphone, youngsters may be using it for the same.


3. 'Let Marriage Be A Choice And Not A Coercion'

There comes a time when parents start asking millennials to get married and settle down. The reason behind this could be the age-old tradition where people used to marry once their parents felt the need. But now the time has changed. Millennials have other priorities too. They want to figure out the things happening in their lives and plan their future accordingly.

Coercing marriage is not a good thing. Parents should let it be a choice rather than making it a compulsion for their children. This will eventually help them to have a happy married life.


4. 'Saving Money Is Always On Our To-Do List'

As soon as millennials start to earn money, parents are on their toes to ask their children to save money. This is not at all a bad thing. Often parents think millennials don't know how to spend money wisely. This is not the truth.

At times, they might be spending too much but it is not that millennials do not care about saving money. They may be underpaid and thus, it can be no less than a challenge to save money. In such a case, most millennials use their hardearned money quite wisely. Parents can in return try to give some time to their children and understand their challenges.


5. 'It Hurts When You Don't Take Care Of Yourself'

There is no denying that parents want their children to take better care of themselves and stay healthy. But there are times when parents do not care for themselves. Parents may not know but it hurts their children to see their parents ill and unhealthy. It hurts in the same way as it would hurt parents after seeing their children ill and bed-ridden.

No doubt parents are always concerned for their children and perhaps, therefore, they tend to ignore themselves.


6. 'We Too Have A Few Dreams To Live'

Parents always want their children to succeed in their lives. Millennials are often reminded about what their parents have dreamt for them and hence, millennials are asked to work accordingly. This is no doubt a bad thing. After all, parents will always think good for their children but they should also understand that their children may have their own dream. They may want to become a writer instead of an engineer or doctor. There is nothing wrong with letting children what they want to be.

It goes without saying that parents are not good enough to take care of their kids. But, it is also important that you are non-judgemental about them, only then unconditional love will flow.

This will eventually help the millennials to have a better life and reach their desired goals.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 24, 2019, 8:00 [IST]
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