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10 Obvious Signs That Tell You Are A Hardcore Daydreamer

You must have heard people saying that it is good to dream to accomplish things in your life and make it big. But there are some people who spend most of their time daydreaming. Those people will often daydream of sipping coffee and having a conversation with big personalities.

You will find them lost somewhere in their thoughts most of the time. In order to daydream, they don't need a peaceful and comfortable place to sit. Instead, they will start daydreaming whenever they feel like. But what if you yourself turn out to be a hardcore daydreamer? To know whether you are also one of them, scroll down the article to read more.

1. You Find It Hard To Concentrate During The Lectures

This is something that most of the daydreamers will relate to. You may find it extremely difficult to concentrate on a lecture going into your class. Initially, you may stay attentive but after a while, you tend to drift into a new world and dream of things that may not exist. You find it more tempting than attending your important lecture and therefore, you may never stop yourself from daydreaming while sitting in the classroom.

2. Even Exams Can Stop You From Being Lost In Thoughts

No matter if you are sitting in the exams and writing an important paper, you may not stop yourself from daydreaming. You may daydream about things while writing the paper. At times, you may not be able to attend all the questions just because you spent most of your time daydreaming.

3. You Often Sit And Imagine Shapes In The Cloud

This is one of the obvious signs that may tell if you are daydreaming. You may imagine various shapes in the cloud while sitting on your terrace or near the window. You find it quite interesting to imagine the shapes in the clouds and then daydream about things.

4. Your Friends Are Well Aware Of How You Zone Out

Your friends often find you daydreaming about various things. They know exactly the time when you drift into your world of imagination and thoughts. They are quite aware of your behaviour of zoning out during any party or trip. They may often tease you for daydreaming irrespective of the occasion.

5. Long Journey Gives You A Lot Of Time To Daydream

You love long journeys as this gives you a good amount of time to daydream about things. You do not feel bored during the long journey. In fact, you just want to sit near the window and enjoy the scenery. All you want to do is look out of the window, close your eyes and imagine things.

6. People Can't Have Your Attention For Too Long

People around you may not be able to have your attention for a long time. Initially, you may listen to what they are saying but then you tend to lose concentration and think about something else. Even if they are saying something exciting, you prefer not to give too much attention. There can be times when you may not be able to reply to their question as you didn't listen to what they said.

7. You Can Pass Time Just By Staring At The Plain Wall

People may not like to stare at the plain wall and do nothing but this is not the case with you. You do not face any problem in staring at the wall. This is because you take it as an opportunity to daydream without facing any problems and obstruction. Even if people find it weird, you find it quite normal and consider it as a thing that makes you feel relaxed. You not only daydream but also analyse your thoughts and what you could have said in an argument that occurred in the past.

8. A Number Of Thoughts Keep Racing In Your Mind

Doesn't matter if you are in a meeting or cooking food, your mind is already full of various thoughts. These thoughts keep racing in your mind. It could be anything such as the last trip with your friends or how weird one of your colleagues. Your brain never seems to run out of thoughts racing at a fast pace. At times, you are so lost in your thoughts that you tend to forget what's going on in the present situation.

9. At Times, You Face Some Awkward Situation

Have you ever faced an awkward situation where you are daydreaming while looking in a particular direction and somebody feels that you are staring at him/her? Not only this but there can be a time when you may enter into the lift and not press the button or get down on the wrong floor. Also, you may enter a room and forget why you entered. You may face numerous such awkward moments just because you were busy daydreaming and therefore, didn't pay attention to your surroundings.

10. You Are Pro At Pretending To Listen To People

There are times when people find it quite difficult to walk away from an unwanted conversation. Even if they aren't interested in the conversation, they may not be able to tell the same. But this is not the case with you. This is because you know how to pretend to listen to people you are not interested in. All you do is drift into your thoughts and daydream without being rude.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 9, 2020, 19:00 [IST]
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