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11 Sure Signs That You Are Really Becoming An Emotionally Strong Person

'Change is the only constant' and we all know that. Every person has to undergo some or the other changes throughout his or his life. At times, you might have numerous thoughts about how to become an emotionally stronger person.

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You cannot become strong in just a day. Only experiences and lessons can make you strong and help you become the person you wish to be. But sometimes, changes might feel uncomfortable and hard to accept. Instead of feeling anxious and paranoid, you need to accept the changes, if you are aiming to become a stronger person.

1. You Regret Your Past Mistakes

'To err is human' which means it is fine for humans to commit mistakes. But, it is not at all fine to keep repeating those mistakes. If you are aware of the mistakes you committed in the past, then make sure that you don't repeat them in the future. This will no doubt help you become a better person.

2. You Want To End Toxic Relationships

While you were growing up, you must have made connections with different people. But, hardly you knew back then that not everyone can be a true friend. Some can be really vindictive too.

You know that you are becoming stronger when you remove people with bad intentions from your life and are able to identify people who truly care for you. You no more want to entertain anyone who let you down every time and take away the peace from your life. Even if you have been for long with that person, you understand that it is worthless to stay in a toxic friendship/ relationship.

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3. You Choose Whom To Trust

Being naive is a virtue, being stupid is not and when you become a strong person, you understand this very well. You are quite selective when it comes to choosing friends or dating someone. For that reason, you do not want to buy people's tantrums and let your trust to be broken once again. Your past experiences do not allow you to put your trust into someone you have just met at a party or on social media. You want to be with people who are genuine and do not play mind games.

4. You Are Proud Of Your Flaws

No human is perfect and perfect humans don't exist. It is high time that we understand this. Everyone has some flaws or the other and as we grow, we understand and accept this fact.

You no more do things to hide those acne scars or the gap between your teeth. In fact, you consider those flaws to be one part of you. And therefore, you don't feel ashamed or offended when someone points your flaws.

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5. You Understand That You Deserve To Be Happy Always

You very much understand that happiness is your first priority and therefore, whatever comes in the way of your mental peace and happiness, you simply discard it.

You become selective when it comes to choosing friends and know what qualities to look for in a person you want to be with. You now look for people who can let you be who you are and not what they want you to be. Also, you want to be with people who are there to encourage you and support you in hard times.

6. You Do Not Hesitate In Giving Your Honest Opinion

When it comes to giving opinions, you do not hide your honest thoughts. You speak what you feel and you learn to value transparency, be it work or relationships. No matter how awkward and hard the truth is, if you feel it needs to be said, you just say it without any hesitation.

7. You Hate People Who Make Lame Excuses

You are now more organised and prefer honest and hardworking people. Also, you give priority to your work and career goals and you expect your close friends to do the same. You hate when they make lame excuses.

8. You Learn From Failure

Life is not something that happens to you but is a reflection of your choices. You have been through difficult situations and failures can be one of them but it is good that every time you fall down, you learn to stand up and become stronger. You are well aware of how does it feel when dreams shatter, therefore, we learn to work harder. Same applies in relationships, you know what is right and wrong for you.

9. You Are Ready To Apologise

You are no more in a school that you will hold grudge against someone because they have committed a mistake. You also understand that apologising is a sign of not weakness. You make sure to clear the misunderstandings between you and loved ones as quickly as possible.

10. You Don't Get Offended When People Point Out Mistakes

You are always keen to find ways of improving yourself and become a better person with each passing day. Even if people come and point out your mistakes, you don't switch on your self-defence techniques, rather listen to their advice or suggestions and stay open to new ideas.

It is essential that you understand that being emotionally stable in all situations is of utmost importance and in the end, you will really like the person you are becoming. Being strong means being emotionally powerful, and it is high time we become emotionally intelligent beings rather than showing off physical strength.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 13:00 [IST]
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