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7 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Do you think yourself to be as good as the person living in your neighbourhood? Are you worried about whether you look as good as your new colleague does? Or you may feel that the life of your colleague is better than yours. Comparing yourself with others is very common. What you don't realise is that it may make you feel inferior at times.

It is not that you start comparing yourself after you have reached a certain age. In fact, one might start comparing himself or herself with others at a very young age. The comparison can be with a close family member, friends, neighbours, colleagues and many other people.

Surprisingly, there are people who can compare themselves with strangers as well. Such as they see how a random person is looking cool in boots or seems rich for owning a car. But did you ever realise that not everybody's life is the same and therefore, you can never decide a parameter on which you can make a comparison with others?

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Therefore, in order to help you understand why comparing yourself to others is a bad thing, we have listed down a few reasons.


1. No Human Is Perfect

First things first, it is a universal truth that no human is perfect. You may find someone who has looks to die for but then you may not the behaviour of the person. What if the person you have been comparing yourself with is not able to do things that you are good at? Not everybody is born with the same qualities.

For example, you saw a picture of a family on social media that seems to have a deeper bond and then you may pity at yourself for not having a picture-perfect family. But have you ever thought what if the picture is just the illusion of an unbreakable bond? Therefore, it is not a wise thing to compare yourself only because others seem perfect to you.


2. Everybody Has Their Own Set Of Problems And Challenges

This is a harsh truth that you need to accept. Everybody has got their own set of challenges and problems to deal with. What you see may not be the whole story. You may be looking only at those attributes that seem alluring to you.
Therefore, looking at just the façade and jumping to a conclusion that your life is not like others, is a totally irrelevant thing. It is better to accept that everybody's life is distinct in their own ways.


3. It's Good To Be Who You Are

If you are the one who wants to be exactly like someone else only because you think the other person is a head-turner or is having the gala time of his or her life then you may be wrong. There is nothing wrong in admiring a person. But trying to become like that person and discarding your own qualities is not at all a good thing. This shows that you are not able to love yourself.


4. Comparison Can Reduce Your Focus

When you start comparing yourself with others, you tend to lose your focus. You start deviating from the path that can lead you towards your goals. For that reason, your whole focus shifts towards trying to become someone else.

For example, you are a school going student and you envy a girl who has a fairer complexion. Out of jealousy, you could be doing every possible thing that can make you look fair too and then you may lose focus on your studies.


5. You May Develop The Evil Feeling Of Jealousy

As said above, comparison can lead to a feeling of jealousy in you. Since you may not be able to become the person you have been comparing yourself to, you may start becoming jealous of that person. This can damage your bond with that person and can cause harm to your personality.


6. It Can Harm Your Self-Confidence

There is no denying the fact when you compare yourself with others, you are damaging your own self-respect and self-confidence. You may see yourself as a miserable person who is good for nothing or who is not as good as someone else. This can eventually make you feel sad and develop an inferiority complex. You may not feel confident while interacting with others.


7. Comparison Is Not A Good Thing To Do

No matter in what context you are carrying out a comparison, it is never a good thing to do. Once you have started comparing yourself, it can become a habit that you might not be able to get rid of. Always remember, that what matters most is the behaviour and not the looks. A person who has a kind heart and knows how to treat others is far better than those who don't care about people's emotions.

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God has given different qualities to different human beings. Others may not have the qualities that you own. Therefore, let yourself live peacefully by embracing your flaws and accepting yourself the way you are.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 14:55 [IST]
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