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12 Reasons Why You Need To Leave Behind The Grudges

There are times when we end up having a conflict with someone we are close to and this can affect us in many ways. One may have heartbreak and thus his/her emotions may turn bitter. Not only this, but you may also prohibit yourself from forgiving that person who said you bitter things and broke your heart. You feel sad, angry, betrayed, bitter and resentful all at the same time. Even though you want to get rid of the bitter feelings and grudges, you may not be able to do so, owing to the fact that the incident hurt you significantly.

But do you know that holding on to grudges is not at all a good thing to do? We understand that you may want to let that person know what you are feeling but then do you realise that this is affecting you the most. This is because you aren't able to move on from the toxic memories.

If you are still not convinced about why holding on to grudges is bad for you, then today we are here with a few reasons for the same. Go through these reasons.

1. Holding on to grudges means recalling the bitter memories and allowing the negative emotions to overpower your mind and heart.
2. There's no wise in replacing happiness, love and positivity with hatred and toxic feelings.
3. Life is too short to feel resentment over something that hurt your feelings and made you feel miserable.
4. By holding on to grudges against someone, you are letting a toxic person a never-ending presence in your life. You are keeping that person alive in your conscious mind.
5. You are constantly hurting yourself by giving attention to the moments you hate from the bottom of you heart.
6. Holding on to grudges is no less than relieving the horrible and haunting memories of something that broke your heart.
7. You are replaying those resentful and bitter memories again and again and are wasting your emotions.
8. You are hurting yourself further by going through those bitter words, incidents, etc. By doing so, you aren't allowing yourself to move on and focus on positive things.
9. Thinking about the incidents that caused you pain and made you feel miserable, causes you stress and may affect your mental health.
10. Grudges hurts you more than the person you are no longer talking to. The other person may not realise that you are still not able to move on despite the fact that you have broken ties with each other.
11. When you are holding on to the grudges against someone, you are the one who is most affected. This is because the other person has moved on but you are still not able to move on.
12. You may argue unnecessarily with someone you love. This will further ruin your equation with people in your life.

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