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New Year 2020: Inspiring Resolution Ideas You Can Have This Year

This is that time of the year when all of us are looking forward to welcoming a brand new year and make some unique resolutions for the coming year. Resolutions are a way to help you decide what you will be doing in the coming year. Rather than making some high level of resolutions and then regretting not achieving them, we are here with some easy and unique New Year resolution ideas. Scroll down to read more!

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1. Have Some 'Me Time'

At times it gets really difficult to have some 'me-time' in today's lifestyle. You might be ignoring your body's need to have rest and would be doing more and more work. But you must understand that your body isn't a machine and therefore, it is never a good idea to keep on working without having proper rest and looking after your body.

In addition to this, you need to take out some time to do things that make you happy and gain mental peace. Therefore, this New Year, you can make a resolution to have some ‘me-time' and pamper yourself.


2. Start Meditation

Mental peace is something that can make you feel calm and relaxed even during the toughest situation. One can have mental peace only if he or she is away from stress, anxiety, worries and negative vibes. Meditation is a way that can actually help you in keeping yourself away from these. It is not that you need to meditate for long hours and follow a strict rule. You can meditate for 15-20 minutes a day as well but you need to have consistency in it. This will surely bring good results to you.


3. Develop Some Productive Hobbies

Rather than wasting time scrolling unnecessary and time killing news feed on your social media accounts, it is better to invest your time in developing some productive hobbies. Such as you can try your hand in cooking, gardening, photography, reading, dancing and singing. These will not only let you enjoy life in a different way but will also add value to your skill sets.


4. Save Money

One can never predict what will happen tomorrow. Also, you might not know when you will be in a huge need of money. Therefore, saving money for any unexpected mishappening can be beneficial for you. It is not that you don't have to spend money on your daily expenses but cutting down on unnecessary expenses and saving some amount at the end of every month will help you in the long run. You can also think of investing your hard-earned money to make the best out of your money.


5. Follow A Healthy Diet

It is said that good health is a state of complete harmony of the mind, body and soul. There are various factors that contribute to the good health of a person and a healthy diet is surely one of those factors. This New Year, you can make a resolution of following a healthy diet and avoiding any junk food. This will not only help in strengthening your immune system but will also satisfy your appetite.


6. Value Meaningful Relationship

If you have already gone through lots of melodrama and heartbreaks in 2019, then you can make a resolution of eliminating toxic people and relationships from your life in the coming year. It is better to have fewer trustworthy friends and loved ones rather than having hundreds of acquaintances. You don't have to entertain every person that you meet. Instead, you can invest in those relationships which make you feel happy and lively.


7. Give Your Best In The Career

What could be a better resolution than paying more attention to your career? This is because your career will not only bring you a livelihood but will also help you in utilising your skills and being independent. Rather than focusing on unnecessary and materialistic things in life, you can focus on making your career.

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8. Volunteer At Shelter Homes

If you are someone who is always into selfless acts and making others feel happy then you can surely make a resolution for the same. You can volunteer at shelter homes and think about making homeless feel better. This will not only bring a smile on the face of people but will also make you feel elated.


9. Plant More Trees

You can make a resolution of planting more and more trees. This way you will be working for making your environment green. In addition to this, you can also make a resolution of cleaning your environment and recycling and reusing whatever is possible for you. You will be also inspiring people to work for keeping their environment clean and green.


10. Give Time To Your Loved Ones

Your parents, true friends and well-wishers need your time and love. Though it is obvious that you may not have enough time to spend with your loved ones, you can try to take out some time and dedicate it to your loved ones. This will help you in strengthening the relationships that matters the most in your life. Moreover, it is better to value the effort of those who make you feel happy and loved in your life.


11. Explore Places

If you have spent your entire year being stuck in your work and home, then how about exploring places around you to know the different cultures and traditions? So if you are already making your New Year Resolution and want to have some adventures, then go on to explore some new places around you. But make sure you do not make an empty promise to yourself.


12. Read More Books

Reading books can really help you in drifting to a new world. This will not only increase your knowledge but will also help you in developing reading habits. You can choose some good books from various genres such as motivational, history, fiction, spiritual, romance, etc.


13. Cut Down Time On Social Media

If you have been glued on your phone and scrolling through unlimited social media posts and memes, then you can think of cutting down your time on social media. You can set a resolution to minimise the use of social media platforms and utilise the time in some productive work.


14. Stop Being Lazy

There can be no better way of welcoming the new year by promising yourself to quit laziness. In order to stop being lazy and finishing your task on time, you can decide some deadlines for completing a particular work. You can also set some reward for yourself such as you can have a cake treat if you finish cleaning your bedroom.


15. Avoid Stress

Well, it itself is a stressing thing to find out a way to avoid taking any stress. You might be unable to turn yourself away from things happening around you but then you can think about keeping yourself calm and relaxed by focusing on things that make you happy and motivated. You can focus on positivity rather than having negativity. This will ultimately help you in avoiding any kind of stress.

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There can be many more resolutions depending upon the person and his or her way of living. But before you make any resolution make sure you are committed towards fulfilling your resolutions. This way you won't be regretting at the end of the year for not fulfilling any of your resolutions.

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