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Mann Ki Baat Highlights: PM Modi Says India’s Fight Against COVID-19 Is People-Driven

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday in his 'Mann Ki Baat' programme. He said that the fight against coronavirus in India is 'people-driven' and every citizen of India is no less than a soldier fighting against this pandemic. It was the 64th edition of 'Mann Ki Baat' programme initiated by the PM himself. During his programme PM Modi said, "I am proud that all of us are part of it. All of us are soldiers in this fight." So now let us take you through some of the highlights of what the Honourable Prime Minister of India said while addressing the nation during this nation-wide lockdown.

  • PM Modi praised the farmers of India. He said, "Even during this pandemic, the farmers are working hard in their fields to ensure the citizens do not sleep empty stomach."
  • He further praised those who donated their pension and the money received as prizes to the PM-Cares fund. Those who have reduced the rent amount during this pandemic were also praised by the prime minister.
  • He said that in the future when people will recall these tough times, they will feel proud of themselves and their efforts to keep the spirits high.
  • Feeding those who are poor and/or working on a daily wage basis is highly appreciable and doing so during this tough time is quite important.
  • It is really good to see people from underprivileged backgrounds staying in quarantine shelters are trying to contribute by either painting the shelters or by cleaning the same.
  • Those who are preparing masks for the health workers and countrymen are equally important and we praise their dedication.
  • It is overwhelming to see the effort and dedication of people from every corner of the country. This is no less than a powerful weapon that will help us in winning the battle against coronavirus.
  • People, organisations and businesses across the country are trying to find some innovative ways of tackling this tough time and keep the work going on. Organisations are still running during this nation-wide lockdown to ensure people do not run out of work.
  • After seeing people appreciating and expressing their gratitude to the sanitation workers, police and health workers, PM Modi said that he feels proud of his countrymen.
  • Every citizen of the country is caring for each other and has come together to make a healthier planet.
  • PM Modi asked the countrymen to work on their immunity by keeping the traditional methods and remedies in mind. He urged the people to share the same with people in whatever language they are comfortable in.
  • He also urged the people to avoid spitting in public places by saying that it was always considered a bad practice in India. Putting a stop to spitting in the open can help in increasing the immunity and hygiene of the people. This will further help a lot in fighting against coronavirus.
  • The measures taken by various state governments to fight against COVID-19 is tremendous and worth appreciation. They are actively looking into the matter and are doing what is needed during this lockdown and pandemic.
  • Wearing a mask is essential during this pandemic and even in the coming times. A person who is wearing a mask may not be unwell but wise.
  • The newly launched digital platform, a website that will help in uniting the regional administration, custodial workers, NGOs and many other warriors who are standing against COVID-19. People can log on to the site and join them.
  • PM Modi said, "I bow and respect the 130 crore people of this country for what they are doing during this time." "Every sector has been innovating during this period. Whether it is people from Aviation or Railways, they are all working to make our lives easier. They are working hard to deliver medicines, food, rations and many other essentials to every corner of the country," he further mentioned.
  • The teamwork of the entire nation including state governments, central government, railways, postal and banking sector, the medical and scientific community, etc. is really praiseworthy.
  • Society is changing as people are acknowledging the hard work and efforts of people coming from different sections of the society such as those who are sanitation workers, providing services in the shops, logistics delivery people, auto-drivers, fellow-workers and many more. People are now joining hands to work together to fight against coronavirus pandemic.
  • Policemen are too working tirelessly during this difficult time by distributing food, medicines, daily essentials, maintaining the law and order and ensuring that people are safe in their homes. They seem to be on their toes to help the countrymen in every possible way. Their efforts have changed the perspective of people due to which people are now considering policemen to be an integral part of society.

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PM Modi further encouraged the people to stay strong and united at the present to face this challenging time.

Story first published: Monday, April 27, 2020, 15:00 [IST]
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