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International Aviation Day 2020: Significance Behind Celebrating This Day

Every year on 7 December, International Aviation Day is celebrated to create awareness across the world about the importance of International Civil Aviation to the social and economic development of States, and of the unique role of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in helping States to cooperate and realize a truly global rapid transit network at the service of all mankind, mentioned United Nations website.

It was from 25 to 27 September 2015, when the UN and world nations agreed to adopt Agenda 2030 which is aimed to end poverty from the whole world in all forms. This has led the nations to set on a journey for achieving global sustainable development by all the nations. This is now related to the fact that aviation plays the role of an engine in connecting one nation from the other. For Chicago Convention Objectives this has never been so relevant to consider the international flights as a medium to help in achieving global peace and prosperity.

It is quite interesting to know that the International Civil Aviation Organisation organises a special and unique anniversary theme for Internation Aviation Day which coincides with ICAO anniversaries every five years (2014/2019/2024/2029,etc.). In between the five years gap, the council chooses a single theme which remains for the entire four year period.

75 Years of Connecting the World

It has been seventy-five years since the foundation of ICAO was laid. It is a matter of pride that the International Civil Aviation network successfully carries a huge number of passengers (over four billion) annually.

If we talk about the contribution of the global Air Transport sector it provides over 65.5 million jobs. Over 10 Million men and women work in this industry to make sure that 12 million passengers and 120,000 flights have a safe and sound journey every day. It contributes over USD 2.7 trillion in the activities related to the global economy.

The wider supply chain, flow-on impacts and jobs in tourism made possible by air transport show that at least 65.5 million jobs and 3.6 percent of global economic activity are supported by the aviation industry according to research by the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG).

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