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International Yoga Day 2022: Quotes, Wishes And Messages To Share With Your Loved Ones

International Yoga Day is an annual celebration observed across the world. The day marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The celebration began for the first time in 2015. As we know Yoga is a practice that involves mental and physical well-being, people observe this day to emphasise the same.

The celebration usually involves practising Yoga on a large level and spreading awareness related to it. This year while you celebrate this day, we are here with some quotes, wishes and messages to share with your family members. Read on.

1. "Yoga isn't just about stretching or touching your toes. It is also about letting your mind and soul rejuvenate and strengthen. Wish you a Happy International Yoga Day."

2. "Yoga is like the music and rhythm of one's body. Perform Yoga and let your mind relax and rejuvenate."

3. "This International Yoga Day, celebrates fitness, mindfulness and calm by practising some asanas. Have a brisk start."

4. "You cannot always control what's happening around you but you can surely control what happens inside your body. Wish you a Happy International Yoga Day."

5. "Yoga is light, yoga is fun. Let Yoga fill your inner self with peace and positivity."

6. "Yoga is the journey to the self, through the self. Enjoy this International Yoga Day."

7. "Yoga isn't a way to control your body and mind but a way to let them relax and regain positivity. Happy International Yoga Day."

8. "Exercises are a process whereas Yoga is the poetry of smooth movements. Happy International Yoga Day."

9. "When you perform Yoga, you establish a connection between your soul and the outer world. You become more aware of yourself. Enjoy this International Yoga Day."

10. "Yoga teaches us to cure our mind, soul and body on a spiritual level. Happy International Yoga Day."

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