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Geeta Kale: The Domestic Help Of Pune Who Became An Internet Sensation Through Her Visiting Card

Have you ever seen a domestic helper seeking work in somebody's house with the help of her visiting card? At times, you must have seen housemaid seeking work by going from door to door and asking if there is any need for a housemaid. Well, Geeta Kale, a domestic helper has recently emerged as an internet sensation after her visiting card goes viral.

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Geeta Kale was working in Bavdhan, a place in Pune. After she lost a job in a household which fetched her 4000 INR every month, she was feeling quite dejected and sad. However, her other employer Dhanashree Shinde thought of solving the problem of her domestic helper "Maushi" in a unique way.

Dhanashree used her branding skills to design and make a simple business card. She then printed 100 such smart business cards and asked Kale to distribute the card in the neighbourhood with the help of the watchman.

"Ghar Kaam Maushi in BAVDHAN. Aadhaar card verified," reads the creative and informative card. The card also includes the contact details of Kale along with the services that she provides. Such as roti making, washing clothes, sweeping and mopping the floor. She has also mentioned the monthly charges for each of her services.

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Little did the duo know that job offers will pour from all over the country and this will make the "Maushi" an internet sensation. Kale soon received various job offers for domestic help. She then handed over the phone to Dhanashree to handle the inquiries. It is not that the calls were only from different households but also from new channels and Red FM radio channels. All of them wanted to know about Kale.

Asmita Javdekar, the Founder and Creative Nurturer of Aatman shared about the "Maushi" and her employer Dhanashree on Facebook. Her post reads "This seemingly small step taken towards extending help catapulted into an unimaginable reaction."

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We too appreciate the effort of Dhanashree for showing generosity and helping her household helper with such a unique idea.