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5 Difficult Situations That Bald Men Have To Go Through

Hair loss is not an alien concept in today's lifestyle. But losing hair drastically and not being able to gain it back, can be a thing to worry about. This can lead to baldness in humans, especially in men. It is quite obvious for us to spot bald men around us. At times you might find them to be funny and therefore, mock them but do you ever realise the difficult situations that these bald men go through? Recently, the trailers of upcoming Bollywood movies 'Ujada Chaman' and 'Bala' have shown the struggles and difficulties men who are bald go through.


However, we have also listed some situations that bald men may find difficult. Check them out because you will be definitely able to relate to these:

1. People Often Assume Them To Be Older

In India, some people think that baldness comes at old age and they fail to understand that baldness has nothing to do with age. Also, some people assume bald men to be older than they are. Even if they are in their 20s, people will assume them to be in their late 30s. People should understand judging someone to be older just because he is bald is not a polite thing. Moreover, baldness can happen because of genes, nutrition, excess medication, stress and also due to illness. Therefore, think before you judge someone.

2. Their Confidence Level Decreases

Hairs are never gender specific and so it is necessary for both men and women as it protects the head from heat and chilly winters. People also associate hair with one's beauty.


Therefore, when men go bald, they tend to lose their self-confidence. They may feel inferior when stepping out in the public. Not only this, at times they might get worried about what people may think about them, especially when bald men are surrounded by people having beautiful and healthy hair. Moreover, people's nagging and judgemental behaviour make it difficult for bald men to step out in public without covering their head.

However, these men should not feel bad about themselves. What matters the most is if you are good at heart or not. Having hair and speaking rude words to people can never make you a good human.

3. Friends Often Mock Them

Since our childhood, we are taught that external appearance is what makes us beautiful and therefore, we must be more focused on having external beauty rather than internal beauty. And this is why bald men are often mocked by their friends stating 'No girl would ever date you', 'You don't require any hair products' or 'You should hang out with uncles and other older men'.

Such people should understand, since they have hair, it doesn't mean they have the right to mock those who don't.

4. Family Pressurises Them To Get Married Soon

There comes a time in every human's life where their families start pressurising them for getting married at 'the right age'. But, do you know the bald men face more pressure than other men as their families and relatives think they might not get a suitable girl afterward?

But people should understand one should get married only he or she is ready for it. Getting married for the sake of hiding your flaws can never make you happy in the long run.

5. They Receive Unsolicited Advice

There is no denying that we often receive unwanted and 'free' advice from people around us and bald men are not spared. People tend to give unsolicited advice to especially bald men, the moment they come to know about their condition. Their advice includes 'hair transplant', 'using herbal medicine for hair re-growth', 'wearing wigs' and whatnot.

Rather than giving unsolicited advice, people should try to accept the baldness in men, doesn't matter if it happens at a young age or later in life.

There is nothing to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable if you are among those men. You should learn to accept the way you are. Embrace your physical appearance and live confidently. A good and caring heart is what matters the most.

Story first published: Friday, November 1, 2019, 9:30 [IST]
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