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Eid-Ul-Fitr 2021: Cool Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones Within Budget

Eid-ul-Fitr is a popular Islamic festival celebrated by Muslims across the world. The festival marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims look forward to celebrating this festival throughout the year. The festival is seen as the day to promote love, peace, harmony, good deeds and brotherhood in the world. They celebrate this festival by praying to the Almighty, doing charity work and visiting their loved ones.

People invite their loved ones to their respective houses and celebrate the day with love and brotherhood. In addition to this, they surprise their loved ones, friends, relatives, neighbours and others by sending heartfelt gifts. As Eid approaches, people are seen purchasing gifts for one another. Today we are here with some of the budget and cool gift ideas that may help you choose a lovely gift for your loved ones. To know what those gift ideas are, scroll down the article to read more.

1. Flowers

Flowers can be one of the best things that you can give to your loved ones on this Eid-ul-Fitr. There is a wide range of flowers to choose from. You can choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers or purchase a bunch of local flowers. While choosing the flowers you can consider the choice of the person you would be giving the gift to.

2. Dinner Set

Doesn't matter if you are buying a gift for someone who lives alone or with his/her family, a nice and elegant dinner set can be a good choice. This is because a dinner set is one of the important things used in one's household. While giving the dinner set make sure you choose a durable one. We are sure that the one receiving this gift will praise your choice.

3. Curtains

If you really want to give something unique and extremely useful then, curtains could be one of the options. As we know curtains are quite necessary for one's household, you can choose an aesthetic one that would complement your loved one's interiors. During this pandemic, you can go through some online websites and choose an attractive one.

4. Shawls

Shawls can be another best thing that you can give to your loved ones. These are not only beautiful gifts but also useful ones. You may go for a Pashmina or a silk shawl. The person receiving a shawl as a gift from you will definitely love it and would always remember your sweet gesture.

5. Home Decor Items

If the person you are planning to send a gift on Eid-ul-Fitr is someone who has a classic taste for home decor items, then you can think of giving the same to that person. You can choose from various things such as wall painting, flower vases, wooden frames, showpieces, etc. You can also think of gifting indoor plants to complement the interiors of someone's home or office.

6. Perfumes

Perfumes are certainly one of those things that you can give to your loved ones on this Eid-ul-Fitr. Though there are many perfumes to choose from in the market, you can give your loved ones their favourite perfume. In case, you aren't sure about which perfume to choose, you can go for a generic one or ask that person his/her choice.

7. Handmade Greeting Card

A handmade greeting card or a letter is always worth giving to your loved ones on a special occasion. This is because a handmade greeting card or letter not only lets you unleash your creativity but also pour your heartfelt emotions. You can make that person know how much he/she is dear to you by making a greeting card and penning down your emotions through some quotes, messages and wishes.

8. Cosmetics

Cosmetics are no doubt an evergreen gift option for any age group. Doesn't matter if the person you want to send a gift is a male or female. You can always find some cosmetics that you can give to your loved ones. In case, you cannot find which cosmetics to give, you can go for some skincare products. These days, there are so many skin care products available.

9. Jewellery

In case, you are really unable to think of a possible gift option for the person who matters a lot to you, jewelry can be a saviour for you. With a number of jewellery options to choose from, you can certainly make the person receiving this gift quite special and loved. While you choose the jewellery make sure you consider the ones that aren't itchy on the skin.

10. Basket Full Of Fruits

What could be a better gesture than giving a basket full of fruits to your loved ones? Giving fruits as a gift will show that you care for your loved ones' health and want them to eat healthy even during the festivals. With some seasonal fruits, you can prepare a nice basket filled with different fruits and decorate the basket before giving it as a gift.

11. Clothes

Clothes can be another best thing that you can gift on this Eid-ul-Fitr. Irrespective of the age group, clothes are still considered to be one of the potential gift items. While buying clothes, you will have to keep the likes, dislikes, measurements and comfort factor in your head.

12. Chocolates

No matter what, chocolates are still one of the undisputed best gift ideas. Giving it on this Eid-ul-Fitr can be a wonderful idea. You can either send that person his/her favourite chocolates or pack a box full of chocolates he/she may like. This way you will for sure make that person feel special and loved.

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